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aarkman's first trip

please forgive my typeing errors because I am trying to think and type and with me it doesn't work to well.

please forgive my typeing errors because I am trying to think and type and with me it doesn't work to well.

well I guess I shoould start out by saying that after reading MANY MANY of the trip reports I pretty well knew how much to take for a level 1,2,3,4,5 so I just started with a level one and I shall work my way up.

what i should first tell you is what kind I got. they were imported from mexico cubniese I think I am not really sure but I know they werre suposed to be strong. so I just ate about I would say the equivalant to 1-2 grams so I am not sure if this really belongs in the level two catagory. but what I really felt was a mild stoned effect but then my friends convinced me to chew up a few more and so I did. well we all went out to a park that was like 10 min's drive from my house and we just started walking around. well we met up with some friends of ours and we started talking. well as with every tripper out there except for the veterans I was getting impaitent because they were takeing so long to kick in.

Well I was just talking to this one girl that I knew and had gone out with several times. well I noticed that her face started shifting around like her nose started to move up her face and everything like that well i found this rather humerous and so i was gigleing pretty much and she wanted to know why i was laughing. well i couldn't just blurt out "I'M TRIPPING AND YOU LOOK FUNNY" so I just said come with me and I took her down to the pong they have there and say hey you want to know why i am laughing like a lunitic I am tripping off of about 1-2 grams of shrooms and your nose is hahahaha moving on your face and stuff like that. hahahahahaha and I just fell over laughing so hysterically that my friends were like "dude you ok"? and I go yeah and then bust out laughing again and then I looked into the water (HUGE mistake) and I saw my refelction and I turned into the shark from jaws. Boy did I take off like a bat out of hell :-) I was running through the park screaming the shark from jaws is after me ahhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhh helppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!

(this is about an hour into the trip.)

well needless to say someone called my parents from thuier cellphone saying you son has gone off his rocker would you please come get him at the park before the police get here. so (parents to the rescue) here came my parents and I was still shouting about the damn shark. and they said there isn't any shark john and I said yes there issssssssssss and I turned and looked behind me and there wasn't anything there and I just turned around to my parents and said whoa I could have sworn there was a shark swimming after me. hmmm oh well guess I was wrong. my parents said son get in the car and your comming home(aaron would you take his car back to our place?) (aaron: sure I'll be there in a few min's) so I hop into the car and my parents take me home and they asked me what I was on and by this time I couldn't understand what they were saying so I think I said something i got from a friend. well they were content with that seeing as how I couldn't really talk coherently. so we got home and aaron was waitting on me and he walked me into the house got me in my room and said "dude your in for some shit if you thought a shark was comming after you at the park" and I was naw man i am fine I just had to get away from the shark and I am at home and he can get me or find me here so i am fine.

close to 2 hours later I said aaron I have to take a piss "then go" and I was like I am afriad the shark will swim through the toilet bowl and come up and bite my pecker off. and hes like well I ain't goin in with you. so he calls my dad into my room saying that I need someone to come in to the bathroom with me to take a piss and to watch for sharks. so my dad says ok john come on so i go in and start pissing and nothing happened (no shark) I come back to my room get on the internet and go surfing for porn and I found a few good sites but I got bored with that quite quickly so I turned on my tv to play some n64 goldeneye with aaron. normally aaron is very good with killing me but this time it was me doing the killing and he was cussing me out and I was laughing so hard saying I can't help it. well the colors on the game were brighter than they normally are and everything seemed heightened by the experence that I had just had so when I came down from my trip I went out and talked to my parents and told them (since they are cool with me smokeing weed) that I had just gotten ahold of some bad shit and they understood so thats my tale of my frist trip.

hope you liked it I know it was poorly written and not very detailed but the colors didn't seem to stand out so much as that damn shark.

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