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My entrance into eternity

Approximately 7 grams dried mushrooms

I'll start off by telling you alittle about myself, im a 24 year old male with a vast experience with psychedelics. I have tripped on mushrooms more than 100 times aswell as many trips on other substances such as LSD, LSA, AL-LAD, 5MEO MIPT, 2CE, just to name a few. Recently I had been feeling like I had lost my sense of direction in life and had not been living as the spiritual being I want to be, as I learned years ago I knew I could reopen my eyes to the spiritual world with alittle help from the earth in the form of magic mushrooms. I had questions about life and love that only the universe could answer. So I embarked on what turned out to be one of the most profound experiences in my life to date.

I was planning on starting my trip in the afternoon, I started my day with a small breakfast consisting of a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich and a coffee after which I would fast until my trip. I kept myself well hydrated beforehand aswell. I did some running around in the morning before returning home. After cleaning and preparing my room for the trip which included hanging a tapestry of a beautiful psychedelicly themed woman that would become the focal point of my trip atleast the parts that I was in this reality for. I then consumed approximately 4-5 grams of an unknown strain of magic mushroom at approximately 3:30pm. Ive always been a consume them straight up kind of guy so I slowly chewed them up and washed them down with a liter of orange juice. I then proceeded to start some more random house chores, tidying my kitchen, starting some laundry and organizing some clutter that was in my basement while I waited for the warm familiar feeling of the psychedelic realm to creep into my pschye. It took around 30 minutes before I started to feel any effects and unlike other high doses that I've taken it crept up slowly rather than the typical "hit by a bus" feeling. I actually thought that because of the few smaller doses I had taken in recent days that I wouldn't get the trip i was hoping for.

Boy was i wrong

The ebbs and flows of a psychedelic trip began getting stronger, I began experiencing conflicting thoughts and emotions simultaneously, time became meaningless, aswell as strong visuals. The typical geometric patterns on walls, objects waving, bending, or flowing. Despite this I felt I was still in control of the narrative at this point in time. Looking for more I went into my backyard to feel the sun on my skin and grass on my feet. It was a beautiful sunny day with a perfectly comfortable warm temperature. As I took the first few steps into the grass I could feel the universe's energy flowing through me. I got an overwhelming sense of belonging and purpose.

Then reality started to slip away

I maybe spent 5 minutes outside before I was overwhelmed with the experience, I was able to communicate my emotions telepathicly to all living beings, trees, birds, insects, pretty much any living organism within my proximity and they were able to do so with me. The universe seemed to have something to tell me and I needed to go further to be able to understand it. I promptly returned to my room where I decided that I needed to get a couple more grams in my system. Again I chewed them raw and washed them down with some OJ, hind sight I probably didn't need the extra couple grams I was headed towards oblivion already this just kicked it into another gear.

I decided that a shower would allow me to not only clean my physical body but also my soul of the toxic energy that had been building within me recently. The shower experience itself was incredible, I was able to feel every individual droplet of water caress my body. I began to feel my grasp on reality slip rather quickly and realized I needed to get myself out of the shower and somewhere safe. 

The universe was coming for me.

It took ever fiber of my being to stay in our physical world until I was able to make my way into my bed. I was greeted by my tapestry in all of its vibrant psychedelic glory and the beautiful woman who was going to be my guide into eternity. I curled up under my comforter as I was pulled deeper into my trip. I began experiencing extreme spiritual discomfort, It felt as every bone in my body was breaking and being reformed, my limbs were contorting wildly and i quickly realized that I was dying. My soul was leaving my body so that it could continue on and find the answers I was looking for. The moment I accepted my fate and made peace with the life I'd lived all of my discomfort was removed and I experienced a moment outside of time and it was revealed to me the purest feeling that we are able to experience.

Unconditional Love

The rest of my time with the universe is fairly cloudy. I do remember speaking to loved ones that had passed, and being given some clarity on how to express my love for others in a meaningful way. After receiving all of the information I needed I was told that it was time for me to return to my body. I remember snapping back to reality and feeling a sense of gratitude that I get to experience the world again. It took me another couple hours before my mind became relatively sane again. 

After the majority of my trip had subsided I took some time to reflect on what I had just experienced, sitting outside at 10pm smoking a joint I knew I had just been given one the greatest gift of all. The knowledge of the unconditional love that the universe and all its beings has to offer both before, during and after death. There comes a moment in a trip as powerful as I experienced where you know you can never be the same person you were before, I will forever be grateful for the time the universe dedicated to my spiritual growth that day.

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