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4g GT ground in lemon juice

A wonderful day

This has become my preferred dose and method of ingestion for a good, relaxing day of scrubbing my brain clean. I take mushrooms to treat chronic depression once every 7-14 days, and 3.5-4g is the sweet spot for a relaxed time.

I soak the ground fruits in lemon juice for about half an hour, going to the store to get snacks for the comedown. I am off work. I have no obligations.

After half an hour, I shoot the dose and wash it down with an energy drink. Im fasted, and the energy drink helps with the initial drowsiness I feel. I sit down to play a little Elden Ring while I wait.

30 minutes later I feel the tingling in my vegas nerve. It’s almost time. My cat and I head to the porch. It’s about 95-100°, but it feels so good when you’re on mushrooms. I spend the next hour on the porch, watching the ceiling of my balcony form patters and flow like the ripples on a lake. My cat looks so different, so beautiful, his normally brown fur black and green and severe and sharp. We are happy. He rolls around by my side, and I rest my hand on his fur. Soft. Love. The sounds of the cars going by begins to sound like the ocean. Music comes in from somewhere, formless like starlight, and I don’t try to listen too closely. Closed eye visuals are red and fiery from the sunlight coming through my skin. I think about how good the world could be if we all simply decided to stop being angry. This makes me a little sad, but I understand. It’s human nature. We are animals, after all.

I go inside and lay on my bed. My eyes and nose run, like they do, and I watch some memes on YouTube. People look like androids, the machines visible under their skin.

On the comedown, I stand on my balcony again and eat s’mores ice cream and think about how pretty the grass looks. I laugh, and I cannot stop. I laugh at the absurdity of how good the day was. How lucky I am.

I drive to my friend’s house. Admittedly, I shouldn’t have done that. It was too soon. He doesn’t know I’m on mushrooms, but figures it out pretty soon.

I play with his children and laugh. We share some smoked pork we had been working on earlier that day. Things are wonderful.

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