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Surprise 5.5g trip - I lose everything

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Hello everyone!

About a month ago I decided to try the lemon juice tek with a dose I am very familiar with, the 5-6g range. This is what I regularly eat dried with wonderful results, and have only just had a less than ideal trip on. I had never used lemon juice before, as I had read it results in a stronger but  shorter experience. Stronger sounded fine, but I didn’t want to shorten my trip. Now that I have an abundance, I figured it was time to try it.

The first couple of hours were fantastic. Sat on the porch with my cat in the summer heat and watched a Phoenix die and be reborn in flames over and over while the music from a passing ice cream truck looped in my head ling after it was gone. The cement on my porch ran like water. My cat was a strange, beautiful thing.

Then I went inside and just kept. getting. higher.

I stood, locked in place, watching my living room melt. Everything was moving. My voice sounded like it was amplified like an electric guitar, a chorus of me coming from my throat. I was chanting and using all of my power to fight gravity and stay upright.

Time to go lay down.

Once I made it to bed, things went a little sour. The visuals stopped being beautiful, and instead I had a sort of “migraine vision” for those of you who have them and understand. That’s when I lost EVERYTHING. I couldn’t understand anything. I didn’t know what objects were, I couldn’t text, I couldn’t sit upright, I didn’t know if I was breathing, I didn’t know my name. I knew literally nothing. I couldn’t think any thoughts. And the worst part was that every 5 minutes felt like DAYS.

This lasted for about an hour and a half, but it felt like an eternity.

Afterwards, the comedown was fantastic, just like the come up.

I have taken 15g dried and had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. This 5.5g was fun, but had a nightmarish slant to it.

Was it the lemon juice that caused this? Ive never had a trip like that before, where I don’t just lose ego but I lose my ability to even think.

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