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Death By Shroomstacy

Well my second experience of mushrooms was quite irritating.

Well my second experience of mushrooms was quite irritating. See, the first time I did shrooms, I had a great first 3 hours. Then of course everything went to shit, you know paranoia and questioning yourself what is time, space or reality? Well I thought that was all because I had to work the next morning at a new job, so I felt a little uneasy about doing them.
Now this time, about 2 weeks ago, I had an even worse trip with no work the next day and a good mind set for the trip. I did a little over an 1/8th ounce of shrooms, smoked some shroom spore-sprinkled weed, and popped a pill of ecstacy. Let me sum it up in a short story, cus there's no way I can explane the phenomina that occured that night.
The first hour was chill. My bro and I got some dust masks like the doctors wear and spread Vapor Rub on the inside of them. While checking out the blacklight sensitive posters on the wall, we inhaled a lung full of vapors and DAMMMNNN!! That was the fuckin shit! It felt like I was bungee jumping off the Grand Canyon!! That was a ton of fun, but I wanted to head outside and see how the rest of the party was going. By this time my dome was getting dreary from the overdose of drugs all at once. I felt like I was a camera watching my body rome around the party. I knocked over so much shit and everybody was telling me to get out of the room before I break stuff.
So I went into the bathroom to take a leak, I thought for a moment I should hop into the shower...why?...I have no fucking clue. Anyways, it gets better, or worse I should say, I ran outside and jumped into my buddy's spa with all my clothes on! WHAT THE HELL? My friends started busting up and laughing at the scene! I walked out of the jacuzzi like nothing happened...and sat down soaking wet next to my friends and then started to feel kinda weird.
Colors intensified, my mind was telling me that I was dying. I tried to think of some way to regenerate myself so I could stay alive, but I couldn't stop the man upstairs from taking me into his home. It was the weirdest shit. You know that myth about if you die in a dream, then you die in real life in your sleep? Well that's what seemed to happen that night. I felt like I was dead and just hanging out with my buddies in heaven...then reality sort of hit my craniuim...OH SHIT! I'M DEAD!! I didn't get to say goodbye to my girlfriend, my parents, or anyone.
My friends were nowhere to be found (at least I thought they weren't at the time). I ran into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. FUCK, AM I DEAD??!! WHAT DID YOU DO??!! I went to bed and tried to fall asleep hoping this was all just a bad dream.
Well I sort of snapped out of it the next morning, but felt like God was trying to teach me a lesson by doing drugs. Yeah, that trip sucked, but I still want at least one good trip...perhaps I did too much of everything that night...
My advise to shroomers...don't mix! Take small amounts until you feel comfy with what you're taking!

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