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0.8 grams of ovoids. Definitely as strong as I've read

First time eating ovoids

12:50 p.m. - Consumed the ovoids 

1:00 - Felt the first wave 

 1:20 -  Felt the second wave, felt the need to get up, open all the doors to the outside, get a banana and move around. A strong sense of euphoria was welling up inside my body which caused me to giggle a lot

 1:45 -  There was an occasional flip from an intense body high to feeling a little nauseous for about 15 minutes as I was dancing and regularly pacing around the kitchen. At this point I noticed a tiny rippling in my vision while I caught glimpses of pawn stars which just happened to be on. A man with a serious, squinty face was trying to sell something and I kept trying to refocus my eyes because his and everybody elses facial features kept lightly flowing and shifting around.

  3:00 - Decided it was time to venture outside so I thought; no better plan than walking in a stream and listening to country joe and the fish (which is the only music I listened to the whole time lmao) their song "Thursday" and its vibe will improve any trip. The sun rays hitting my skin, the water crashing around my legs, the fragrance of the flowering trees, the sounds of the flowing stream, sweet bird calls and country joe amplified the already immense joy I found myself in. A concentrated bliss that I was happy to again be wrapped in the bosom of

 6:15 12 string guitar and a good cry. 

Ovoid potency is no joke. I've done mushrooms at least 10 times in my life and not once have I encountered a mushroom that treated me so nice at only 0.8 grams 

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