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0.8g Big Trip Farms

First trip!

I ate a fourth of a 3.5g bar i bought and i went on a bike ride to my friends, when i got there i was fine cuz its only been like, 30 min. Around 45-50 min in I decided, "I'm getting a bit sleepy, lemme ride home" so i did. Once I got home I collapsed to my bed, put in my airpods, and played my psychedelic rock playlist, full of stereo songs.

I was laying there and my motions started to feel heavy, my wrist got a weird feeling. I cuddled up under my blankets with my fan blowing on my face. Im 6'0" 160 lbs and i guess that 0.8g was the perfect level one, the music definitely "widened" and i could hear it above the back of my head, but also in it, quite strange. I layed there for probably 20 min enjoying this, then I went and started reading some trip reports, lvl 1, 5, and 3. Pretty entertaining. My friend who had done shrooms before mentioned how he tried to do the nasty to himself, but he was coming down so it wasn't that good. Well, I was peaking so I decided to do it. That was pretty neat.

After that I just lied on my back and enjoyed the music until all heaviness left.

Pretty great trip! 10/10

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