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When I went to Jail on 7G's of mushrooms.

Worst trip EVER!

So this happened 2019 right before Christmas. 

LOCATION: Reno, NV. Downtown Santa crawl.


The day started out like usual doing hood rat shit with my buddy, Let's call him Dan. Me and Dan found out about an annual festivitie in our city on how everyone dresses up like Santa Clause and slutty elves with a discounted wrist band for beers for selected bars within' the area for a measly $25. One dollar beers and bitches why not? Lol 

Dan picked me up from my house around 2:00PM doing dope runs around my neighborhood like what we always do but wanted to wrap it up early so we can hit the town and buy our wrist bands. We killed a 5th of Henny and a 24-Pack of IPA's between the both of us mean while I busted out a gram of some A+++ cocaine from my homie. 

As retarded as we were we continued driving around finishing up our runs, We jumped on I-95 S getting off Wells Ave off ramp this lady in her Newer Toyota Rav brake checked us for no reason (I swear to God lol) thankfully she didn't realize we were insanely coordinated and maneuvered out of the way to the right handside. Let me remind you my buddy's car is this really old Nissan 4×4 work pick-up truck with shitty paint and bullet holes on the rear end that looks absolutely terrible. 

After our maneuver I got super pissed off and threw my beer that I was drinking at that time from the passenger side window over the roof of the car which I was thinking I was going to miss but surprisingly it shattered on this lady's windshield perfectly. Then Dan goes "Daamnnn you Hella hit that bitch 🤣 " after a shout of victory she starts chasing us in her car which was obviously way faster than ours 🤦 

Once again she failed to realize we're from Reno born and raised so we know every cut and street in the city but she wasn't letting up which was getting us kinda nervous so we decided to go in the wrong one-way street to lose her by my mom's house that happened to be in my neighborhood. Eventually we lost her after we got to my mom's house since she got scared since we were being dick heads on the road.

We stashed Dan's car in my mom's backyard that has this gated fence which was easy to pull in really quick without being scene. My mom was home at the time but she didn't really care cause she knows how we are majority of the time so she decided to give us more beer and made some fire Carne Asade tacos. 

Downtown Reno is only a 20 minute walk from my mom's house so we headed out around 6PM. Prior to us leaving I brought a loaded Glock 17 with an extended magazine and 2 ounces of Golden Teachers to possibly sell while we were out there...I know I'm fucking dumb. So we left toward downtown and bought our wrist bands for the beer. After we hit a couple bars/clubs I decided to eat a pre-weighed 7 gram dose of shrooms while I was at our last bar but it was so cracking in there I couldn't find Dan anywhere. 

I started to lose perception of reality quickly after about 45 minutes. I couldn't even read or talk so getting an uber was out of the question, I decided to walk back to my mom's house for my safety this was about 1AM. I didn't even make it pass the Harrahs casino (two blocks from the bar I was at) I jay walked at a red light at a busy intersection lol this is how bad I was tripping. Halfway in the intersection the car that was going to hit me out of all people was a cop. After the officer screeched his brakes and yelled at me from his intercom to stay where I was at I decided to flip him off and keep walking.

The officer ran up on me and forced me onto the ground quickly with handcuffs. Not knowing I was armed, after he handcuffed me like 6 patrol cars came and made a scene until eventually they patted me down to discover my gun, drugs, and another pint of Henny that I bought earlier. The sergeant who was their kept talking shit about how I could of killed his officers or what not. All I kept saying is "How if I'm handcuffed from the back" lol he wasn't to happy about that. 

I blacked out and woke up in Washoe County Jail the next day and released shortly after. A couple thousand bucks for an attorney git me a reduced charge for reckless endangerment with a weapon. It wasn't worth it lmao but yeah this is my story from a while ago. Hope yall enjoyed it.

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