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I was god for an entire day and that was the best day of my life

8g of dried cubensis trip


TL;DR again:The kind of God mode i had:

First of all, at some point you remember you are god. Everything is in control and amplified. Your senses are at your MAXIMUM. Do you wanna play FPS games? You don't miss a single shot and have 0ms reaction time (and the game will look different not only visually, yeah). You can hear your entire neighborhood, the water in the pipes, etc. Time will slow and go fast, but mostly slower as default. You can enter in musics and you'll hear them as they really are, almost like you can see the person singing at your side. You close your eyes and can see your entire environment as energy and walk on it naturally because eyes aren't needed anymore. You wanna chill with someone in discord? You will truly understand what they are saying. The dialogue just flows nonstop because your mind is parsing the spacing between the time each one need to think and come with a response.

And this is the full trip:

Let me say that i ate 2g of dried cubensis at friday and already had a blasting experience which let me with a lot of doubts behind and some mild paranoia(i already had other trips with 4g and 6g before but this one with 2g was turned out to be the strongest till the events that will come next). Saturday i took nothing and then we come to Sunday.

Sunday, 2AM out of boredom i eat 0.8g and start having a very light trip having fun in discord, chilling to music.

~8AM i'm just very calm and decide to play some Overwatch and notice i'm hitting most of the shots with no effort due to effortless focus.

~9AM I call a friend to play and decide to eat more 1.2G and i come back to play while feeling some body dizzyness

After some time the other 1.2g start kicking in and i see the visuals becoming a little more present as i keep playing.

~9:45 AM i decide to eat more 2g and still keep playing Overwatch to pass time. I was getting more high and time started to become bit wacky because i could see the game slowing down and going faster sometimes, but it was still very weird.

Then the 2g started kicking in, at that point i was at a 4g trip and yes i know about tolerance but man lets just keep going, this trip was going for a long time already. Actually i felt like i was tripping since friday.

~10AM i'm still playing overwatch and the time wackyness messing with the game is so hard i start disconnecting in the middle of the match. I was streaming it to a friend so he could be sure i wasn't getting AFK, if i could say something, it may be that my perception was messing with whatever it is in cosmos and i was being disconnected in the game due it being so fucking slow and so fast sometimes.

~10:20AM I decide to stop playing since i was becoming "bored" of being disconnected with my room warping a lot and feeling very high.I was feeling great, so fucking happy, then i said well fuck it, i'll eat more 2g.

I go to my bed to listen to more music and the universe give me a big show of dancing entities in a very funky way i cannot describe, it just felt like an universal party with infinite energy in my head with everyone dancing and IT FELT GREAT.

10:30AM i go downstairs and i'm suddenly the greatest dancer while vibing so fucking hard and lightly to music. Time really stopped there and i remember when i was wondering how the fuck this 2 minutes music was taking ages to finish. How is that possible? How time can stop like this? Why this feels like 30minutes and its only 20 seconds? I'm here for a long time, for sure, but how this is so sudden slow? How can time stop like that and i still feel the music so deep and energic, so much energy. FUCK IT, I'LL KEEP VIBING, THIS SHIT IS GREAT!!!!1

This kept going on for around 36 minutes (vibing and dancing to endless musics)and i can't explain, IT WAS JUST SO GOOD SO GOOOOOOD! And it felt like various hours because i was vibing so hard, but at the same it felt like some sort of body/mind meditation where i would feel the energy of the universe and still dance a lot while thinking about my life and what was happening. I felt connected and the visuals were going insane around me. At some times i was just closing my eyes and dancing around my house entering in rooms, and going around while visualizing it as pure raw energy and my house on this energy was way cooler since it was "universe energy" changing nonstop.

I stopped a bit, i lay down on the bed of my other room looking at the room ceiling and i could charge some sort of energy to write things there. I remember charging this energy and the word VIBE would be there glowing and dancing.

Then i was feeling amazing and decided to stop listening to music for a bit. I was then hearing the entire neighbourhood which was kinda creepy and due to the time acceleration/dilation sometimes it felt very scary (just imagine someone talking something as an mp3 of 2 or 3 seconds being played very fast or very low with some effects in it) That's how it felt about their voices. I could hear a lot of the details of things around me.

Since hearing everything was giving me a weird feeling i went to my computer, moved the monitor arm to my bed and started looking at the discord. Time stopped again.

Paranoia started kicking in. Did i went too far this time? I asked on chat once. Is someone there? And so much "time" will pass on the same minute before someone can even start typing. Then i realized, it was already a long time, but i'm sure this will be the longest day of my life.

I decided to open Overwatch again to see if time would normalize a bit. The game was so fucking weird, i was killing the same guys over and over and having looped sequences on my screen, entering at weird places of the maps which semeed an infinite maze of things zooming in and in and in again nonstop. I closed the game after a few minutes.

Then the other 2g come in.

Now things started becoming crazy as hell. Blending of the senses got me real hard, the objects in my room felt like giant toys, things seemed to float,i was small then suddenly huge, there was no sense of big and small anymore because it was all warped and waving very hard, i felt my mouse wet and my hand was like plastic, when i was on my bed the green blanket felt like grass, my skin color started changing to animal textures, i felt like a tiger sometimes. Textures on everything were messed. I would look at things and i wouldn't be able to understand what is going on anymore because my thoughts were all mixed and blended and weird and out of control. I was doing the same actions in what seemed a loop where i went downstairs again and i kept doing the same looped actions without understanding them properly. I remember to climb the stairs backwards and putting my earphones in a reversed manner. There i was losing everything. Reality was melting with my room warping waving insanely. The chats on discord weren't moving anymore, my screen was 3d as fuck and everything WAS FUCKED. I was forgetting who i was and thinking in words was becoming a giant challenge while all that stuff was going on i was hearing those mushroom alien voices everywhere that i couldn't understand, waves of weird sounds and entities, whatever they were. I couldn't hold my mouse again and feel the movement of the mouse or see the cursor in my computer moving, then i decided to take a bath to see if this would stop (walls felt like rubber).

The coolest, weirdest and most frightening bath of my life.

Imagine if all sensations and voices of the world, all the fellings running at you at the same time. I cannot actually explain what it felt.

Gradually with my eyes closed i forgot everything. Who i was what is this, what is that. I was just a presence. A consciousness in the present existence looking through many things zooming out on the entire universe infinitely. I stayed like that for what seemed a really long period of time. Then when i came back feeling unity with everything i remembered that i was actually part of god. We are part of god. We are god. And when i remembered who i was here, i had a strong fear of losing this reality, because this is dear to me. My family, my hopes, my goals, things i would like to do when i'm still here.

I felt like i was another fragment of god who went too far and wouldn't be able to come back to normal, because we attained "godmode' again. I sat at the sofa looking at the corridor through the glass.

Blending of the senses weren't that strong again and i just had a different body sensation. Things weren't warping anymore, they were now amplified. Instead of warping and running out of control, i just could see everything really amplified. Staring at everything i would see this kind of god pattern in aztec/mayan patterns on things. They were on the glass, on the walls behind the glass and in everything, but they weren't overlapping stuff, just there with some opacity and colors (i don't really recall, but it was some ligh greenish with a bit of red, yellow or maybe blue, but all lightly, i don't really recall it right) and even on my eyes "HUD". Like god is in everything. My senses were at the maximum, i could control my muscles very well. Staring at textures would still produce the drifting effect as if they are liquid but i was there in control again, but seeing things with the patterns on top having some different color. Reality just felt crispy and more real than ever. Bright and ethereal.

I only tripped alone till now, so everytime at some point i really need some human interaction, so i went into discord again and had the best voice chatting in my life. Lads were also tripping and just could understand me. At first they seemed like my mind doing funny stuff when i joined because i thought i went too far and messed too much with reality and with my consciousness, but as i talked with these fellas, they felt more and more real with their cameras, gesticulations and other things. I would ask things and the conversation just wouldn't stop for a bit because my mind was parsing stuff and there was time dilation in the middle to ease things. I could see them as frames sometimes due to the time messed but we were talking nonstop, there wasn't too much spacing between words, but we were there having a GREAT TIME. They were all cool lads and really helped me, i thank them from the bottom of my heart. I'm happy that i didn't entered there screaming or anything, just doing questions while they would calm me and at some point we just were in synch chilling.

I remember their eyes becoming very weird, idk if there were more eyes or something, but they felt weird at first.

Time perception is so cool on the internet, you'll se things as frames because time may just stop for a bit then come later and go on, and it will look like its bugging, but its just your reception of time changing. They are still running "normally" to another person. Also playing games while VERY VERY VERY high just feels insanely energic and good with some good music.

After this i talked with them more, and started cleaning my room. It was 15:25 already and when i finished cleaning my room, it was 15:40 but i was thinking about my life all this time, but from 10:30AM to 15:40 it felt like a really long time. I'm sure i lived more in this day than ever in my life.

The longest day of my life, the most fearful, intense and the most cool and energic, the best day of my life till now. I will never forget the moment i went downstairs after talking with the fellas and realizing for the 10th time i'm part of god and we are all connected. I cannot describe how much happiness i felt when i realized the "secret of the universe" was here all the time. We live our entire lifes asking what is god, what is this shit, and then suddenly you are god and you yourself will come back, i'm sure. After thinking a lot about my life i just kept chilling till 17:00 having a great time. Noted down what i needed to do in my life right now and went to sleep.

This took me around 5 hours to write because i was revisiting and remembering everything and thinking and doing stuff, but yeah, this was the best day of my life.

Maybe you don't believe that you are god, but whatever man, just keep doing your stuff, one day you may see it for yourself.

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