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8.5g Mixed Strain Trip Report

What a magnificent thing

Hi everyone! I'm new here but have been consuming shrooms for over 10 years now. I have successfully tripped 50+ times and I havent had a bad trip yet. Highest amount consumed is 10.5g of Golden Teacher. This has been my closest run in with a bad trip in my opinion but I handled it extremely well.

I consumed a total of 8.5g that consisted of Yeti and Hawaiian strains evenly weighed. I had an absolute breathtaking and terrifying experience. I'll focus on the peak and the hour following. I have felt very, very euphoric since I took them 5 days ago and I have never had the afterglow last so long. I had a plan to let go and get a feel for my future while also trying to solidify some feelings I was having. It was very successful and one of the best trips I've ever had despite a minor argument due to a jumpscare from my girl 😅

I felt the effects 20 minutes after consuming them and they were surprisingly strong. This was my first time mixing strains so I had no idea aside from a few stories on reddit. I was not ready even after preparing and I won't be mixing for awhile. The come up was fantastic but I had so much anxiety due to how hard my body was vibrating. I rarely get anxiety on the come up and instead I feel excited or eager. Eventually the come up consumed me and I started to worry which led me to calling my girl who was on her way home(mind you I trip alone a lot but I timed this trip for her arrival). I started to worry a bit which was intense but my heart rate remained the same, I don't usually get an elevated heartbeat with shrooms. She walked in and I felt a hot wave of relief which activated my journey. The visuals plunged into my brain immediately and my carpet started imitating a soundboard with the digital monitors that peaked to the music I was listening to. The most noticeable jumps in the carpet matched with the bass and higher guitar notes of the funk section in Pink Floyd's "Echoes". I calmed down after closing my eyes and letting go which led me to feeling almost every single part of my body like I was ignoring it my entire life. My thumbs would just snap as if someone grabbed them and twisted them and when I would look, they were normal but I felt all of it. This has happened before and is recurring through my trips. I've had multiple surgeries on my hands so I believe that's why I notice so much. My CEVs were just as strong with more intense than normal fractals resembling my late grandmother's knitted blankets and wooden cogwheels(another recurring visual). My ceiling is plain with no texture but I saw grainy spirals resembling tornadoes emptying themselves onto the floor as the lights from my RGB floor lamps/ceiling lights turned them into electric eels to return and repeat over and over. I would almost leave my body during this peak but I would always come back to everything around me seeming a million miles away. I had to pee so bad and I'm pretty sure I had felt myself pee my pants but everything was dry. Every time I wanted to hit my vape I couldn't find my fingers to even find the vape so that was a lost cause. Funny thing, when I used to smoke cigs they would always be backwards in my hand but I would be holding them the correct way. This happened to my vape except it would be completely held by nothing as if my hand vanished. Suspended by thin air, how creepy that feeling is.

I'm about an hour and a half in and I decide to use my bathroom. I just had to pee and those were my famous last words to my girl. I ended up sitting on the toilet for an hour hoping that my neighbor was listening to me make perfect sense about the ego death I thought was experiencing and how much trauma is healed everyday with these magnificent fungi. I would go on about my life and how It's helped me realize that I have not one single thing to complain about in my life, that I am truly nothing in a bigger picture yet everything to my family. That sent me straight to gushing tears smiling as hard as possible. My neighbor lives above me and there is no way in hell they could hear me but at that moment it really helped me believe someone was soaking this up. Maybe it was me listening to myself because I was no longer in the bathroom and found that I was in a dark space as absolutely nothing. Bright red, white, and blue beams started rocketing towards me or I was hurtling towards them, I'm not sure. As all of this is happening I'm still explaining what is going on as if it's all a part of a TED talk I had prepared. My girl is listening to everything but I had to tell her I'm no longer available. She says I was looking at her and holding a conversation but on my end I wasn't present. I felt nothing, my body and mind were compacted to feeling like a tiny orb hurtling through the universe. I have experienced this before mildly and ended up not caring about what people think of me which was a HUGE breakthrough in my life. I was very self conscious before I started getting into taking shrooms. I believe I experienced that tenfold this time around. I felt something powerful, like a tight hug from a stranger in a dream, and I was back in the bathroom after what seemed a lifetime. For me 1 minute had passed but a little over an hour lapsed for everyone else. My girl had tapped me and wanted to make sure I was okay to which I responded, "what a magnificent thing". I went to go get up and my fucking leg was dead asleep to the point where I thought I had broke it. It appeared to be snapped due to me hallucinating and looked like a wet sphagetti noodle when I took both hands and moved it. It was terrifying and I had to be walked back to the couch. I melted for the next 5 hours experiencing a range of every emotion. That leg thing was really unsettling but what came next was truly a mindfuck. 

I am wholly convinced my heart stopped beating for a full 60 seconds. Now obviously I'd be dead to have experienced that feeling but I'd be dead so I never would yet I'm positive that you'd be able to tell when you go from a warm body to an empty shell. I can only really give this example to how it felt. Think of a busy hallway in a high school in the morning, students following routine to get to class. It's noticeably busy but now switch immediately to the last classroom door banging shut echoing in the now deserted hallway. Complete silence in my chest for the first time ever. I was completely calm and curious but absolutely terrified recollecting it the next few days. I didn't even bother to check my pulse nor did I ask my girl to. I didn't need to, I didn't even feel a heartbeat. Someone explained to me that I was so calm, I entered a meditative state where my breathing wasn't like a gross movement of the diaphragm or the ribcage, yet an exchange of energy which led to a very slow heart rate. I won't ever be able to let that one go. It was absolutely phenomenal but I would never want to experience that again. I felt very alien in the moment as if all emotion had been sucked out of me. I get chills just typing about it.

I experienced way more but just wanted to share what I was able to, everything else is impossible. I'm not sure if it was an ego death I went through in the bathroom, not sure you can mistake that, so it most likely wasnt, but I've been feeling very happy although somewhat flat and not so animated like I usually am. I did exist and Im glad for that. I have been less angry, more understanding, I have been having a phenomenal time with my girl and my son. I just really enjoy consuming mushrooms and I'm ready for the long hiatus from them until June to really reflect on my most recent experiences. (1st week, 3.5g hawaiian)(2nd week, 8g albino avery) 3rd week, 8.5g mixed strain) I really really enjoy these and I have had nothing but positive experiences and side effects. Take care everyone who got this far and thank you!

TL;DR: I had a wonderful yet terrifying out of body experience and broke some hallucinatory bones along the way, possibly became a fucking ghost or something with my heart beat seeming to stop. I love shrooms. 

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