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daytime trip

so it was summer vacation for me in california.

so it was summer vacation for me in california. and it all started with my buddy nick. My crew and i all smoke,drink, and thizz and lots of other types of things that get u fucked up. oh and if ur not from california or the bay area in cali, thizz is just slang for ectstacy. Anyways my buddy nick tells me that his friend matt has shrooms..neither of us had done shrooms before, almost the last thing on out list, besides any other hardcore drug like coke. so nick me tyler and josh all roll over to this kid matts house, which happens to be a realy big and fancy house. so we all walk up to his room, smoke a few blunts, some shroom dust blunts, then we get down to business. me, nick and josh all take about an 8th or a little more and wait for the effects to kick in...as were waiting matt informs us his parents will be home soon but hes not sure at exactly wut time, so that makes us all a little nervous. anyways we all go downstairs and sit in his living room which is white carpet with white leather sofas and glass coffee tables. and for a good 10 minutes its completely silent..untill i bust out laughing. then everyohne else does too for no reason.. it felt like it was the highest ive ever been.uncontrollable laughter. matt also has a small white dog that was sitting on te stairs.i was staring at ir for a while and then the ooms started to really kick in..the dog lifted up its paw at me saying hi, his paw was green. still starting to come up on the shrooms, i decide to walk up te stairs for no reason..as im walkin up i feel like im in a castle at camelot or something, the stiar spirals about 90 degrees and at the top is a balcony looking down to the entrance hall and living room.the entrance hall has gray tiles that to me..were purple and looked like stone floors in a castle, then they morphed into a lake. as i was upstairs we all heard a loud noise. it was the garage door, matts paretns were home and we all freaked out hardcore and had to be stealth like in that as his paretns came in through the laundry room all 5 of us had to sneak out the front at about the same times. we then got in a truck and there was no room so i had to lay in the back on they way to where ever we were going..the ride felt like hours..but it was sunny with white clouds, the clouds would morph into dragons and birds and then at one point i was looking up into the sky and the clouds above me turned into me laying in the bed of the truck, like a reflection. the sound of the tires on the road homed in on me and i closed my eyes and saw very colorful patters that moved and changed into different patterns. we then arrived to a park.we all got out and a few of the ppl were talking and i was staring off into space hearing nothing but a bird chirping..it was hilarious. then we all walked over to the benches and at this park was a huge field..that felt like it was 100 times bigger then before ppl were 1 inch tall and the hills in the background..miles away were purple..i heard windchimes and it felt like i was in happy land..or teletubby land..sounds gay and i hate tellietubbies but thats the best i can explain it..green hills.. and purple hills in the background and trees that blew in the wind and morphed into things like an aliens head or palm trees that looked like ice cream cones..it was awesome.. then i started to come down and i got really confused and paranoid..i felt like i had to do stuff..like i had things to do but i couldnt do them yet cuz i wasnt off shrrooms..i started thinkin about being home for dinner..and goin to teh gf's house..

all in all i think it was great. next time im doing it at night and i cant wait .

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