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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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1.8g blue meanies level 3 and 4

9/10 beautiful trip of intense pleasure

Went to a friends and brought some mushrooms from a batch I grew which I figured were the strong ones I had produced. 

And oh boy were they ever.

Previously I’ve taken 0.2g from this batch and was able to feel it.

So on to the trip, we smoked a quick joint which I was nervous about as I am not a huge weed guy after we ate out shrooms. After about 15mins whoa that was quick! I began to feel a slight numbing in my chest which I thought was the weed right in the Center above my breast bone, as it came on this made me anxious as I had been anxious earlier that day. My heart rate jacked up to 150 and I was freaking time seemed to stop and someone rubbed my shoulders, the room began to warp a bit. We went down stairs to watch some videos and calm down, after about 20 minutes I realized it was just the shrooms and my heart rate came down and I began to relax. 

Nice blurry effect on phone screens with some rainbow glowing. Double vision and delayed vision( if someone moved their hand close to your face quickly it would get halfway there and repeat the action. Then the room began to heavily warp and everything was round( the numbing sensation moved from my chest more into my lats ) I call it my aura this expands and contracts throughout the trip and often Center sun your spine. The floor began to flow a bit and I had auditory changes especially when it came to my own voice and occasionally others. This is when the laughing set in 

The aura moved to my rib muscles and began muscle checking. Basically you’ll feel a different muscle every few minutes and any pains you have will become 2 dimensional. The laughing was intensely pleasurable. People were talking about something that wasn’t really funny but I was laughing as hard as I possibly good and wheezing from it I could not stop full force laughing for several minutes and I loved it. Often thought out this Trip I also felt like a little boy. With a sort of sense of wonder. After settling down I began to see o shapes and patterns on peoples faces fractals and lines and thinking people were talking when they weren’t.  I was intensely stimulated and wanted to constantly be social. As people begin to get tired at a party this wears on them as I continue to get more intensely social stimulated and energetic. After about 5 hours physical feeling and the laughing faded. 

I was still having visual blurring and rainbows when looking at a screen and flashlights or phone leds would strobe. This lasted for about 4 more hours until I lay down to sleep it was still present. 

I give this trip a 9 out of ten. Because of the anxiety In the begining I’ve been struggling with it for about 2 years and have a low stress threshold. So the physical effects scared me. Also I was very gassy as I burped the anxiety calmed this was most likely from earlier as I was carsick and still had a lot of gas from that and we had just eaten a huge meal when we took the shrooms.

Next time I’d like to try to make tea to avoid the gassy ness. 

The other person I tripped with often felt like they needed to throw up and got anxiety at the end of the trip but after taking a dump they were fine.

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