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2g excellence

Stepping up from last week

Im new to the game, cultivation and experience.  Last week I took 1.5g Golden Teachers after Friday beers, first experience in 20 years.  I expected paranoia and scary mental effects but was pleasantly suprised there were none.  So last night after Friday beers I gobbled up 2 grams! Man was it awesome!  I played music by cavelight by Blockhead and melted into my recliner.  I completely let my mind drift and flowed through the beats which became light, shapes and patterns.  This was a mostly eyes closed experience, but it was equally vivid as when I opened them!  My daughter baked potatoes for supper, so when the Ol lady got home we shared a meal.  Midtrip I processed some shoulder pain too, that was unexpected and pleasant.  Overall I remember giggling because my preconceived notions were completely blasted into rubble.  Zero negative side effects, complete relaxation, vivid closed/open eye visuals, blending with sound and even had my appetite intact for dinner.  I closed everything with a couple beers before bed.  The only bad part is my stash is light and my first try at cultivation is still in the grain spawn stage. Im blown away and impressed. The extra .5g made a big difference and ill need to be careful to up the dose.  3.5g must be insane.

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