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2 grams PE first ever mushroom trip

I went on a date with a mushroom and we got to know each other before the Big Dose

It is my pleasure to help first time trippers by sharing my report. I've read countless reports to help me feel comfortable with the journey I've decided to embark on.

About me, skip if you like:


  • 33 years old

  • 220 lbs

  • Chef, but Mon-Fri schedule. I left restaurants for my baby girl, best decision ever.

  • Father of a 1st grade girl, living with and happy with her mother.

  • Comfortable finances but always at the edge of ruin.

  • Currently, I drink a lot on the weekends. It might be a problem I need to work on (it is).


  • I hold an individual, unique opinion about the way the world works and the meaning of life. "Conspiracy theorist" is the tip of the iceberg but don't put a label on me, I like to seek further than the rest and find comfort in questioning my own sincerely held beliefs.

  • Aliens? Yes, like Asheyana Dean level belief, but I still question their intentions.

  • Favorite authors: Graham Hancock, Brandon Sanderson

Mystical/Drug Experiences:

All around high school or first year of college….

  • Ecstasy in high school - first major drug. Took it and Watched the whole Our Elegant Universe Series in one night. Quantum Physics was a launching off point.

  • Natural Mystical Experience - about a week later from the ecstacy I woke up one morning completely sober and was launched into a state of mind I have ever since tried to return to. 1000x brighter than the sun, I was god, I was everything, I knew everything, I felt every cell in my body have a million little orgasms each, then… It was over.

  • Acid once, it was stupid, didn't experience much.

  • Ayahuasca - made it, drank it, nothing.

  • DMT - made it, vaped it, nothing.

  • Cocaine - yes for a few years but never again, too addicting.

I decided recently, after watching Fantastic Fungi that I wanted to commune with the mushroom.

I couldn't get it easily, so I decided to start growing. I love the whole process!! Even the normal oyster mushroom, Lions mane and shit. I love growing.

I decided to start with PE (Penis Envy). Many many failures with it. But eventually I got a small, semi moldy flush. I dried it and now for the trip Report.

Trip Report January 28th 2022

It's Friday and after dinner with my wife and 6yo daughter I set up a movie for my daughter and wife to watch while I go into the other room to watch my own movies and drink, alone. It's not unusual behavior for me. (Again, something the mushroom taught me that night that I need to work on)

I'm sipping on straight scotch on the rocks. It was a gift from a co worker. By the time my wife goes to bed with the baby I'm half a bottle in. I start watching another movie and crack a bottle of wine. I have a sadly impressive alcohol tolerance.

It's getting kind of late for me at 10pm. Everyone is in bed and I decide "Fuck it, let's try some of my hard earned mushrooms tonight for the first time." I'll just take a little, and… you know, worst case is if I get tired I'll just go to bed and have awesome dreams. (Hahahahah yeah, no, on mushrooms, sleep is the last thing you or your body feel like doing).

So, I go grab a half gram of dry PE. Chew it and go put on Mortal Engines for the movie. I do a quick "maharic seal" meditation to protect myself during the experience.

1 hour later, nothing. So I go and down another half gram. 

Couple hours pass and I'm saying to myself, kind of pissed, like "what the fuck? This is disappointing." On the other hand, I'm also saying "wait…. Don't taunt the mushroom".

After 3 hours from that 2nd dose I go and grab another 1 gram "blob" and eat about 75% of it. Thinking I'm being conservative.

So at this point I'm basically at 2 grams dry.

I continue watching Mortal Engines (by the way, the lead actress is not that Olsen girl…. I thought she was!) While I am scrolling and searching through Twitter and the Shroomery board.

A few times I start talking shit again like "come on mushrooms, what the fuck?" 

As I'm watching the move I suddenly start giggling to myself quietly (the girls are sleeping). Then I realized it. It's here, the trip! (But just the beginning...)

I could 100% relate this part of the trip to ecstasy. It was wonderful, but not what I was looking for. I wanted to be God again like in high school, but… I mean… tonight wasn't the night, 

I already determined I didn't want to go that far tonight. (Death, or death of ego).

After I thought that, in the most sincerely kind way, the mushroom told me, "You don't have a choice, you let me in." And "but we will take you as close to the edge as is permissible tonight"

And that made me giggle. A lot. Because it was right. I wasn't scared, but I accepted that I gave consent to the mushroom my putting it in me. Now I'm on it for the ride.

I giggle a lot. Watching the movie, pausing it, posting on Shroomery, scrolling Twitter. Loving the feeling.

Colors get complex and rich, my hand and arms become fascinating. I get microscopically close to my skin in the firearm. My house plants start "communicating" with me. They know me, I show them gratitude, and I giggle more.

A lot of giggling. One of the main reasons being that this experience is so incredible and it's funny to me that I have only taken 2 grams and there are 40 more grams drying and more to come. I'm thinking about how fucking stupid it is to keep this from people, to scare them from it. And I keep thinking about specific people I cannot wait to share this experience with (and you guys) and who I want to give my flush of mushrooms to for free!

Other notable things during this first part of the trip which lasted a few hours is that at times the mushroom would try and convince me I was dying (it's hard to say this without it sounding scary. It wasn't scary, it was playful, because I kept thinking about how that cute Cambodian girl on YouTube that took a hero's dose and talked about McKenna saying mushrooms can't kill you but can convince you you are dying.) I feel like a lot of this trip was the mushroom and I getting familiar with each other and testing the boundaries. 

The whole first few hours was a playful experience in the razors edge of the next "level" of a trip. Which the mushroom keep reminding me that I had no choice on whether I would go there or not.

4 or 5 hours after dose 1 I'm in ecstasy, my dog Bingo, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is looking at me and staying by my side the whole time. He's a good boy.

After that, fractal open eye visuals begin briefly, pictures and signs hanging in my bathroom begin breathing and morphing. (I keep giggling because of how awesome this all is).

I decide eventually to get to bed. 

I can't sleep, it's okay, I go in and out of closed eye visuals. 

At the end….. the mushrooms shows me how stupid I was too go drinking alone in a separate room than my family. It showed me I needed to get my act together. 

I am working on that now.

Thank you for reading.

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