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River trip

Water is

Some ten or twelve years ago, it was a late fall afternoon, on the  North West coast a gentle but steady drizzle continued to fall.Three grams or so of cube ingested and a slight bump in my forehead informed me it was time to go outside. Despite the drizzle it was comfortable.

There was a deep rhythmic hum that seemed to come from everywhere. Then came sounds from the river that I hadn’t heard before. I don’t know what pure joy sounds like but I think this was it. Approaching the river which had risen half way to it’s winter high point I saw, heard and or otherwise sensed the river rushing downstream. The water was supercharged with absolute joy! Such happiness I could not have imagined. The rushing and gurgling was the laughter of total happiness. The side streams pouring into the river were delightedly giggling as the waters joined and were welcomed by the main body to combine and flow happily to the bay.

The bushes and trees and grasses on the bank were bowing and raising up and bowing continually as if appreciating and worshiping the waters. All of the images were glowing with light and colors not normally perceived by me. This incredible scene let me with the unshakable belief that water is divine.

Finally turning away from the river a giant river maple noticeably vibrating and humming was aware of me as I was aware of it. It gave the impression of being something like a leopard and it watched me carefully.

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