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3.3g and perfect milka chocolate bar

but it's more level 2

So i tried level one with barely any effect, just a general tiredness and a good feeling in the belly.
After few weeks tried level two, with a bit more effect, colors seemed pretty nice, also with a good mild euphoric feeling.
Now I wanted to try level three, but since my previous attempts seemed to be one level lower than supposed to, i decided to ad my body weight into account, and instead of recommended 2.38g, went with 3.3g of cubensis as other weight based calculators suggested.
Made a tea with lime juice. Drank and went outside for a walk in the park. While walking I read a book, and after about 20 mins, I started to feel the effects. I really like this feeling, that good warm, butterflies in the stomach feeling. Immediately after I had to go to rush to the toilet.
Later while lying on a sofa after the noxious feeling had passed, I was waiting for visuals, I noticed that I much more preferred lying with my eyes closed, where I had semi clear kaleidoscopic patterns appearing. First it was red shade triangles merging and erupting, then the triangles transformed into kind of abstract dog-like mouth with little triangles as teeth, then teeth theme was dominant, It was a bit creepy, but I was aware that it will pass, so I did not refused these visuals.
Later about two or three hours in, i went to the kitchen saw a big Milka Mmmax chocolate bar with extra roasted peanuts and caramel, took a bite, and I kid you not, I started laughing out loud, as it was absolutely the best chocolate bar I have ever tasted, every bite, was amazing.
Then I came back to sofa, and covered under the blanket, and snuggled with my dog. Which was also such a great feeling, dogs fur texture was so fluffy I started laughing. I was laying for a bit, then got a bit bored and switched on TV and watched "Nausicaä". Could not turn my eyes away whole movie.

In conclusion not much as visual experience, (although I had closed eyes visuals and very little frosted glass movement on the wardrobe door) it was amazing taste and touch experience.

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