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Dalmations in an african safari

Once me and my friend Alex took some ground up mushies of some sort, I think 15 - 20 grams each.

Once me and my friend Alex took some ground up mushies of some sort, I think 15 - 20 grams each. I mixed mine with hot water and drunk it while he atempted to eat it with a spoon and water which made him gag.

I sat there, looking at the carpet waiting for something to happen. I live in Australia and it was summer and very hot and dry. We decided to go for a walk and and maybe get a drink of something. I rolled a cig and had a smoke as we walked. Suddenly the shrooms kicked in.

We walked into the supermarket, everyone seemed to look evil. I wanted to get out of there. He bought some chips and that strawberry milkshake flavoured fanta.

We walked through the streets. ( I where I live, all the buildings are old and there are alleys that havnt been replaced for like a hundred years). It felt like I was sinking into the ground.

Alex was just eating and drinking ruining his buzz I'm sure. We eventully reached a park where we sat down in the long yellow grass under a tree.

The park turned into a african savana, yellow grass, those weird savana trees and the clouds seemed to be in fast fowrd.

I was playing with some stones. Alex was still munching on his chips. Suddenly he offered me one! In disgust I threw a stone into the chip packed while screaming NO!
He layed back down in the grass eating his chips in pure bliss, not knowing about the stone I threw in.
I watched him, suddenly there was a crunch and his eyes grew wide with horror where he started spluttering and all this mushed up chips oozed out his mouth. (I know, it was an awful thing to do)
He suddenly sat up and told me he'll get me back for that.
I was laughin my ass off for like half an hour. (he never did get me back)

Eventully we got up and found this huge pond, we sat on some bark under some willow trees and watched the birds.
For some reason, there was a sparrow, a lime green loriket, a crow and those large white parrots with the yellow crests all perched on a branch taking turns swooping into the water, splashing themselfs to cool down. It was like they were doing some kinda bird olympics and we were the judges, rating their dives.

We picked up pieces of bark and tried to guess who they looked like. We kept picking up bark and guessing what the other person was thinking. It was weird.

Suddenly we saw a dalmation in the distance, across the pond. I was like, I so hope that dog doesn't come over. As soon as I said that, it looked right at me and bolted across the pond and started liking me.

This big fat greek man, yelled out at the dog and it ran off. We had been in the park for about 3 hours and Alex was having trouble walking.

We arrived back at my house only to realise that I forgot the key and no one was home so I ripped the fly screen off and tried to break in. The only thing I broke was the window sill. We decided to go out clubbing instead. When we reached town the buzz kinda wore off.

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