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Nice truffle trip

2.6g dried truffles + DMSO

Hi everyone, after reading a lot of trip reports, I wanted to also share my experience from two days ago. It might not be the most outlandish trip but it was really nice to me. I didn't have any revelations, just a very nice trip.

I had bought dried truffles over a year ago, put them in the cupboard and never had the chance or drive to take a trip. Later, I had harvested another 60g of truffles of a growbox and also dried them. If I continue to trip at this rate, I have enough for the next few years. Anyway, since this is the end of my christmas holidays, I planned to have a nice trip on Friday night.

At noontime, I had crushed the truffles with mortar and pestle, put some drops of DMSO inside, as the customer service of the truffle shop had suggested and filled it up with a bit of water, stirred and let it rest in the cupboard where the children couldn't see or reach it. Then I went on with my day, looking forward to the evening. The weight was 2.6g since I had a nice trip with 7g fresh last year and the shop owner told me that dried vs. fresh ratio was about 1:3. I let the whole thing sit there for about 5h.

The children were extremely nice this evening and told me I could go out and they would fall asleep by themselved today. So I went out, instructed my wife to listen for them and asked her to not shock me or expect that I would go to settle a dispute between shouting children. I had told her what I had planned to do and that I don't know if the over one year old truffles would still work.

So I swallowed the whole thing, ate some physalis fruits after it to get over the ugly taste. It worked perfectly. I didn't taste any of the horrible truffle taste which I disliked so much when eating them fresh. I like the taste of mushrooms but they are illegal in my country so I have to each truffles. But this seems to be a perfect way of consuming them.

I opened up an editor to document my trip, watched a meditation video and tried to follow a meditation which I had found relaxing the day before. After a few minutes, my legs started wiggling and tapping and I was really unrelaxed. It seems that the effect came on early. I drank my solution at 21:28, started the meditation at 21:35 and 21:46 the letters on the screen became unclear and started to form patterns. Another few minutes later, euphoria set in and I laughed while my hands were tingling. Time slowed down significantly. I felt a bit bad in the stomach, I wonder if I should have filtered out the ground truffles from my mushroom solution and only drank the liquid but I was afraid to lose some of the substance in there. I started to listen to some ambient music on youtube, got my pullover because I was feeling cold.

At 21:56 (I was documenting every few minutes although it had felt as if a long time had passed), my dark blue wallpaper started to form really nice patterns as if several layers of glass would shift into each other with semi-transparent snowflake patterns on them. A while later, I found that the movement of the pattern was influenced by my breath. I sat there breating and figuring out the connection between breath and the pattern for some time, stood up, touched my wall and tested if I could control the pattern with my hands. Since the pattern didn't react to my hands, I walked back to my computer, noted it down as good as I could and tried to watch a Mandelbrot-zoom video on youtube. When not tripping, one always thinks such videos would be great to watch on a trip. While tripping, I find that blank walls with only the slightest patterns are the greatest because they are a projection area for the trip whereas a moving video is a pre-rendered trippy imagery that works best when sober. I could also look at it but it was much less interesting than my wallpaper, the sky or faraway grassland.

When I had lost interest in my wallpaper, I turned around to my bed and found that the bed linnen's folds were extremely nice as well. Everything was dancing around and the light was warm and nice. Since it was already 22:30 or so, I decided to brush teeth and go to bed, knowing that I could never sleep. When I didn't let go, controlling myself was really easy. I could easily come back to reality with little visuals, brush teeth, go to toilet and then lie in my bed (my wife was with the children, so I didn't have to take care of anyone else in the room).

After lying on the bed for a bit, I decided to turn off the light. At first, this made the visuals less good. But when I closed the eyes and let go, I could feel how the trip increased in depth and how I could let go and the visuals came over and into me until they filled my existence. I was more or less gone, didn't have a feeling for myself but was just in the trip. It was not like people describe that they died. The trip just passed through me and didn't leave any "me" like a nice rainfall melted down some soluble material and didn't leave any trace behind. I was in this state for I don't know how long until my mind came back with some thinking. I noticed that I was sleepy but of course, I still couldn't sleep for a while. I guess at maybe around 3am I must have fallen asleep.

The next day, I woke up without any bad feeling and not even particularly tired. My mind was clearer as if it had been flushed and cleaned. I don't remember having any epiphanies or revelations or deeper thoughts about life during the trip. Just visuals, feelings and a nice trip. I'll see when I have the chance to repeat this. Maybe sometime this year.

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