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Hello mushroom friends.

Hello mushroom friends. Finally I have the chance to pass on my psy. cyanescens mushroom experience. Even though this autumn was quite dry and not the best for mushrooms in general, the psy. cyanescens popped up very well. And finally, the time had come to sample these nice little mushrooms.

The location chosed was Terschelling, a nice island in the north of holland with a good amount of undisturbed nature. And the weather was even good, sunny!

I took around 2,5g dried of psy. cyanescens. This was more than last time when I took 2g dried of psy. cyanescens. There was a rather big difference in 2g and 2.5g.

Firstly, it came on very fast. Within 15 minutes I began to feel the surge of energy taking me upward. And rather quickly I went into the trip, far faster than my friend who had taken 0,5g dried of panaeolus cyanescens.

When we walking into the dunes, although from what I heard it was difficult for me to walk in a straight line. Mostly I was busy with philosiphical tangets, relating mushroom logic on each of these tangets. I felt the mushroom logic was much more than the type of logic when gets on lsd.

The colours and environment were nice but in my experience with psy. cyanescens there were less than with panaeolus cyanescens or psy. cubensis. There were some colours, far less than with a cubensis or pan cyan, but still nice in their own way. For me, the philosiphical tangets were the most important. I could see quite well what I really want to do and what I really don't want to do anymore, and I felt this gave me more confirmation of what direction I should take.

My next trip will also be with the same amount, as I felt there were parts of the trip which I have to go back to and clarify much more. Playing with energies; is a tanget which I got into as well.

I hope this is somewhat an useful account of my latest experience, I'm not the best at writing trip experiences.

The most happy 1998 to all and many happy trips as well!


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