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First trip with friends

Dipping our toe in, but kept going back for more

We initially got about 6g off a friend, brewed it in a pot of tea and split it three ways, we lined up some movies and relaxed into it, three hours later we felt nothing so hopped in the car and grabbed some more from a different source. When we got home we made some tea, waited an hour, felt only a tiny bit and decided to go for a walk for some orange juice so we could eat the rest. The Christmas lights along the way looked very beautiful, in particular the way the lights reflected off the bushes they were around, cars lights also seemed weird but nothing too full on, was a very nice walk. Eventually got the juice + some takeaway and took public transport home, when we got home we divided what was left and ate them, we had dinner and watched some more movies, but still feeling nothing, and feeling disappointed we blocked out a day together for such a mild trip, we reached for the Mary Jane. Just as the whole experience was starting to peak, one of us had a bad stomach ache from the chuff and we all packed it up and headed to bed.
In bed I couldn't quite string a coherent thought process together, I was thinking about all the different things I was striving for in life and how they were only goals because I thought they'd be fun to obtain, instead of guided by some higher moral purpose, which I felt I was devoid of. I could understand turning to god in a time like this because those Christian folks seemed to have moral guidance worked out from a while back, but I quickly dismissed the thought. I also noticed if I dwelled on a thought too long it would echo out into circles around me and I would almost fall into that hole, so I tried to keep the thought train moving. Shortly after this I fell asleep and woke up feeling garbage in the morning, but a shower and some clean clothes later I was feeling normal again.

Reading some more about it, I think I'd like to try a higher dosage, but maybe on my own so I could take the time to listen to some music / do my own thing.

Thanks for reading :)

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