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Crossing the Rubicon

My first shroom trip was planned out like 2 months ahead of time.

My first shroom trip was planned out like 2 months ahead of time. I'd had a few friends who'd done it, and they recommended I try it ASAP, so I talked to my friend Brian, and he said he could probably get me a half 1/8 or so for 20 bucks. I grabbed 20 bucks, handed it to him, and hoped for the best. Now, I gotta say this, my expectations werent very high, because my friends and I are daily weed smokers, and I figured there was no way that this could be that much better than some good homegrown. It took my friend 3 or 4 days to get the fungi, but he came through, and he gave me a call at another friend of mines house. I believe this was a mOnday or Tuesday night, and we had no plans for the next day, so i told him i'd be down to pick them up. My friends wanted to go to this place called Jiminy Peak(its a ski resort in western Mass)and shoot some pool, so we decided we'd stop and get the goods. They werent even in on the trip, they just wanted to watch me. We got in my friends Mustang, and took off. They smoked a few bowls and then we stopped to get the shrooms. After we picked em up, i pulled them out in the car and saw 8 or 9 caps and a bunch of stems. I figured hey, it's now or never, and popped as many as i could fit in my mouth and began to chew. I noticed they tasted really unpleasant, but not as bad as they had been made out to be. I chewed them for a bit, swallowed, and repeated the whole thing with the remainder, and then asked my friends if they wanted to smoke the shake. Being adventurous types, they didnt hesitate and fired up a bowl of the nasty fungus. Now all this had happened by about 8, 8:30, and the night was still young. My friend Trevor stepped on the accelerator, and we were there in no time. Now at this point the shrooms still had had no effect and i wasnt too worried yet, because it had only been a few minutes. We walked through the hallway to the employee break room, smoked some cigs, and then went back and found the pool table. My two friends played first, and I wandered into another room, which had a bunch of video games in it. I slipped a couple quarters in the terminator 2 game, and started blasting t-800's. Still no effects. By my 3rd game i realized i was starting to feel a little like i was buzzing off of some beer or something. I figured, "fuck i got burnt, this is all its gonna do" and was about to kick the video game when all of the sudden this purple ray sort of flashed across my eyes. I dont know if it was a hallucination or imagination, and it was real faint, but i suddenly reconsidered the giddy feeling i was starting to get. I walked into the other room in time to see trevor lose to my friend bill, so i grabbed a cue and racked up the balls. I cant remember who broke, but i remember it being a pretty even game, which was odd, because at this point i had no interest in the game and Bills a better player than I. I think i just made a bunch of lucky shots, and by this time, I was starting to wonder why the felt looked so strange. It got down to 3 balls being left on the table, 1 mine, 1 bills, 1 the 8. I grabbed the cue stick, and without paying attention, made the freakiest shot of y life- i dont know what happened, but all 3 balls went in a different pocket, each one at the exact same instant. This seemed to astound my friends, who were pretty high, but i was too busy staring at the weird patterns in the plaster on the walls. I guess they were sick of pool, because we ended up in the break room, smoking cigs at some wooden table, waiting for a friend to get done with work. Now I had been fairly in control of myself till now, but when i looked down, I blurted out, "the fucking tables moving!" much to the bewilderment of the guy we didnt know who was also in the room. As I stared at the table, the wood grains were flowing like a river. I stared in awe and wondered how i could have ever thought this would be a dissapointment. About 5 minutes later, our friend walked in , and after one look at my eyes, said "whoa dude, your trippin balls, arent ya?" I could only nod my head mutely, and i wondered why he didnt bother to say it quietly in front of the other guy there. I imagine he didnt care, but i had a slight case of paranoia. We sat there talking for awhile, and i just kinda sat back and watched everything get weirder and start moving around. My friends were discussing something, and then suddenly it was time to leave. I remember muttering to myself as we walked down the hallway, and wondering if the people i saw knew. If they knew about me being on shrooms, if they knew about their wonderful table, if they knew about psilocybin. It kinda freaked me out, and I remember quoting Caesar at one point and saying I had crossed the Rubicon. We made it to the 'Stang without mishap, and I got in. My friends got a nice stereo in his car, and I remember him putting on tons of loud rap songs which I no longer recognized. Now, I'm more of an Industrial, Metal, Classic rock type, but those songs just kicked my ass, and we hadnt even left the parking lot yet. I remember feeling one with the bass, and losing orientation as we drove. Part of me realized we were speeding, and then that part faded away, and i was once more one with the music. Fortunately, the lights of Pittsfield had appeared, and they started to swirl along to the music. I dont even think I was sitting up any longer, and I had no idea what my friends were yelling back to me, but it didnt bother me too much, because I had this overall feeling of contentment. I remember losing track of everything for awhile, and then we were outside at a Hollywood Video store ro Blockbuster or something. We walked in and returned some tapes, and then my friends went to look for new ones. I was still really twisted at this point, and i was wondering why the box covers were playing scenes from the movies, and was sure i had the answer when they decided we should leave. So, we got back in the car, and it was more of the same. About ten minutes before we got to my friends house i relaized i wasnt quite one with the music anymore, and i thought i was starting to come down.Boy, was I wrong. We walked through the door, and the ceiling tiles of the kitchen just instantly grabbed hold of me, i mean, they were really swirling. I looked down at the floor, and those tiles were swirling too!!! Everywhere I looked, it seemed there was some pattern that wasnt staying put anymore. I would look at boxes and images would seem to come out at me. I vaguely remember calling a friend at 11 and yelling into the answeing machine that i was shrooming, and it was great. Then we figured we should settle down, so we went in the living room and threw in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, my favorite movie. though it WAS my favorite, I had a hard time paying attention, because the deep pile carpet was flowing like a sea of molten lava, underneath the very couch i was laying on. Eventually I began to come down though, although i still saw visuals whenever i looked at the floor, no matter what room i was in, until I woke up the next morning. I decided the next day that I need more, and that i'd have to make the move up to a full 1/8 or more. I'm considering doing a 2nd or 3rd plateau Dxm trip and then trying some shrooms on top of it, I'll write about that next.

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