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First 0.8


As per "Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator" instructions, to achieve level 1 trip, I used 0.8g of grounded Cubensis (Golden Teacher) mushrooms.
I decided to eat one half, and the other half I made a tea with a slice of lemon, both ways it's ok, not nearly as bad as some may suggest.

Fifteen minutes passed, I did not knew what to do to pass the time, so I took watercolors, made a simple shape painting.
I had two options, stay at home with a dog, I was a bit afraid it may look weird later on, so I decided to go for a walk. It's around freezing temp, snowing.
About 30 min passed, while I was hiking, I stared yawning every few minutes. When I hiked to a viewpoint on the hill, it was heavy snowing.
I stood at the top looking at the forest at the distance, and trying to measure how far I can distinguish individual snowflakes, it seems only for few tens of meters.
At about 40 min, I felt the butterfly in the stomach feeling, which lasted for maybe 10-15 minutes.

About one hour passed and I returned home. For some reason I felt exhausted. I lied down on the sofa with my dog, and listened to some music, which seemed to be wide and more smooth.

During this very mild trip, I only noticed few changes:
There was some color markers on the trees for the hikers, that seemed saturated (granted it's winter, so it's black and white now)
The music was pleasure to listen to.

One negative aspect, I was exhausted, and wanted only to lay down.

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