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First Time Tripper - 5G

Decided to Dive in Head First

so I'd like to start by saying that I bought my self 14g of mushrooms with the intent of starting low and eventually working my way up to a 5-6g dose but through the work week I some how managed to convince my self "why not just start big and see where it takes me, probably cant be that bad, right?". That being said it was overall a great experience and I'm glad I did it.

Anyways, I start off my journey around 9:30am on saturday, a few minutes after my girlfiend left the apartment to go thrift shopping. I ate the 5 grams dry and started to watch youtube videos for 20 minutes or so after I started to feel a little bit sleepy so I just closed my eyes and listened instead. At this point the light bleeding through my eye lids started to swirl and dance so I decided to take one last washroom break before it hits the fan.

Standing over the toilet sleepily taking the last leak I will take in a while, about half way through the leak, suddenly everything shifts, the floor, toilet, me, and counter tops were all on the same plane of existence and I suddenly had no idea where I was and if I was done urinating or not. Scared of pissing on the floor I stood there for a couple minutes until I started to panic and some how ended up in my bedroom laying under the blankets in the dark.

at this point I dont remember much other than red and black hallucinations and seeing my daily commute to work (wake up, drive to work, drive home, sleep) repeat its self in my mind over and over again. For some reason this freaked me out so I made my way to my computer room to attempt yoga, I managed to navigate my way to a "5 minute yoga" video and I skipped half way in, but I found the lady in the video to be so horrifying looking that I almost went into a panic attack. Freaking out I managed to delete "5 minute" from my search and just look up a normal yoga video. I participated in this video for probably 30 seconds but it felt like hours.

Still VERY terrified I made my way to the living room where I sat on my yoga mat and decided to do my own yoga(basically just doing cat/ cow poses, and childs pose over and over again). I kept looking out the window and at the clock repeatedly and nothing was change. This made me feel like I was in a timeloop which had me terrified, I remember feeling overwhelming sense of panic and regret and contemplating going to the hospital. Instead I some how managed to call my girlfriend to tell her to come home. When she answered I said "dont panic, just come home." and then I closed my eyes and saw super intense fractal hallucinations and it felt like I was watching these dance for hours. When I opened my eyes I looked back down at my phone and the call time had said 00:03, "that was only 3 seconds?! and youre a 20 minture drive away?!?!"

knowing 3 seconds feels like 8 hours I started asking to panic more and she tried to calm me down over the phone while driving home using the " 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique for Anxiety" which didnt really help me as I couldnt think of anything other than "im in a time loop and I need you here, im scared, I dont know why and I want this to end"

She eventually made it home, I met her at the patio as I told her over the phone "dont walk through the hallway, its too far, just jump over the patio fence". I hugged her before she jumped over the waist high patio fence and suddenly felt very warm. She hopped over the fence and after a few minutes of her doing some quick research on what to do in this situation she put me on the couch and gave me a cup of water and told me to have some, I grabbed the cup very delicately and as I lifted it to drink all my fingers seemed to turn into evergreen trees and I took what felt like a full mouth and a half full of water and gave the glass back to her, she giggled and said "baby steps". Apparently I had only taken the smallest sip possible. I then sat in the fetal position because I was freezing cold and terrified, and she started to play smooth jazz music over the google home and started to slowly massage my knees. A few minutes after she started doing this I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of love, warmth and comfort. Some how I ended up saying in her lap as she was telling me stories and showing me pictures of her trip to halifax.

The next thing I remember after this moment was I was a "cool frog" lounging on a palm beach smoking a really big pipe, felt very warm, very fuzzy. and it felt like I was the frog on the beach, relaxed and looking over at my self who was in the time loop freaking out thinking "that guys pretty dumb, freaking out over then, when he could just come over here and join me in this bliss." eventually I clued back into reality and I heard the trumpet(?) or something in the jazz music that was making me feel like this frog, and I started to giggle at how funny this whole jazz frog thing is. My girlfriend asked me what was funny and all I could mutter was "please change the song" and burst out laughing.

the rest of the trip was just me laying down in her lap with my eyes closed watching the dark green hallucinations and some times opening my eyes to watch the ceiling fractals. eventually I felt comfortable enough to speak so we started to share funny stories of our childhood for the next hours or so until I felt like the trip was majority over and I could let her leave and go thrift shopping again. After she left I stood on the patio and watched the grass, the trees and the people for a while, I started at my self in the mirror for a good half hour as well, but it was basically back to normal life with colours that looked amazing.

anyways, thats my story. Sorry its not written well, but, I hope you enjoy reading it

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