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My dance with Laughing Gym

"Is everything a fucking metaphor?"

My dance with Laughing Gym

I woke up, got out of bed… had coffee and cereal, waited an hour, and then dosed. I had found a large growth of Gymnopilus Spectabilis (at least that’s what we suspect). 

After ruling out Gallerina, Jack o Lantern, etc, I was confident this was in the Gymnopilus family. I have been collecting wild fungi (in & out of The Boston Mycology Club) for decades. 

I prepared 2 lbs. 12 oz of caps & stems (harvested early, prior to full opening of caps, and they were mostly bug free other than a few pillbug whose happy home I was disturbing). I buzzed up the fungi in. Blender, then prepared a tea by simmering for about an hour. Then, cheesecloth and a major squish to get the active ingredients out. 

I froze the juice.  Backtracking from my weight & the amount of juice I made (approx. 5-6 cups), I figured 11 grams of fresh material might be a good dose, and it turned out to be just about right. I did it up with lemon juice and bait of ginger (some people report cramps). 

A couple of observations: no bad taste. It was a sort of neutral taste, not at all hard to get down. And many complain about the amount you have to eat of this type. Juice from 11 grams did the trick, and landed me into a 1.5>2 level of trip. 

I had the juice at 10:13, by 10:45 I knew no further dose was indicated today. 

I was killing time playing Call of Duty waiting for the shrooms to kick in. I knew they had when I started looking for a negotiated settlement in the game! ;-)

Physically, I was sweating a bit, heart rate elevated and had a bit of underlying nausea feeling that would come up occasionally. I crawled to the keyboard about an hour in and managed to peck out: 

“Sweating a bit, definite electricity in the breastbone, and light arms feeling in biceps

A tinge of nausea, just another swell to cruise through”

Another observation: did not feel a big euphoria wash, though I had a real good time. 

Watching the canopy of trees from the back yard got more interesting, as they swayed in the wind.  The movement of the clouds was vivid and striking, and they seemed to move faster than regular observation. 

At one point I noticed a bit of moss that had grown in the cracks of my brick walkway, and they were like little fractals— not actually moving but suggesting it, like they were waiting for me to turn my head to do so. 

Heart rate stayed a bit higher, but I did some exercise and yard work, and the sweating probably overlapped with the beautiful 70 degree weather. At one point, I was making connections and thought "Is everything a fucking metaphor?" ;-)

I am writing this about 9 hours later, and I no longer have to wrestle the keyboard to the ground to type. 

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