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First (Proper) Shroom Trip Report

3ish grams of Penis Envy -- Positive Experience

Well, that was an interesting experience for sure! Like HOLY crap.

I think I took like 3g of a shroom called Penis Envy and it was pretty friggen wild. I wasn't sure what to expect - the last time I took shrooms several months ago nothing happened and I was pretty pissed to say the least. However, it's safe for me to say that this time, the shrooms hit different. Although it's a bit of a blur now, I'll try to recall what happened as well as I can.

I was nervous, not gonna lie. I didn't want a repeat of several months ago where nothing happened. However, I popped the first shroom (~1.5g) into my mouth and began to chew. It tasted ok at first - kind of nutty and like a cooked mushroom sorta? But it didn't really keep tasting great lol - after chewing it for a while I chugged some water and chewed on an orange slice so I could get the taste out of my mouth. x.x After that, I started my trip timer on the Trip App on my iPad, so I could keep track of what I was thinking and how I was feeling. (link to the app is here: https://www.tripapp.co/ )

10-20 Minutes In:
At this point I was, admittedly, a little anxious. The shrooms hadn't kicked in at that point, and I was slightly concerned that it would be a repeat of what happened in May with my first try at shrooms. Another 10 minutes rolled by, and I realized I needed to distract myself in order not to obsess over "feeling something." With that, I put a VHS tape into my VCR (specifically Barney & Friends - Camp Wannarunaround), and proceeded to watch it for a little bit.

20-30 Minutes In:
I think I turned off the TV at that point - idk if it was because the shrooms were beginning to kicking in or what, but all I could think was that I needed to meditate or something productive. I didn't feel anything physically at that point, but I decided to lay down on my back on my bed. I turned on some meditation music (thanks to the Trip App for providing it lol), and I stared at the ceiling for a bit.

~45 Minutes-1 Hour In:
This is when things began to get interesting. As I was on the bed, I noticed that the ceiling, which is a white-ish cream color with that weird "popcorn" texture, was starting to move a bit. Whenever I'd breathe in, it would move in one direction, and when I would breathe out, it would move in the other direction - kinda like waves in the ocean. At first I thought it was some sort of placebo effect bc I was kind of denying that it would work due to my first shitty shroom experience, but as the hours marched on, that doubt would be laid to rest. I also took the 2nd shroom (another 1.5g) after some internal debate.

1 Hour and Onward:
Honestly, at this point time kinda melded together - I don't remember the specifics as far as the timing goes, but I do remember the sensations/visuals. It got really hot in the room - I know for a fact it was just me bc I was tripping out (and the fact that the thermostat was set to 65-70), but I felt like I was outside in the 90 degree F heat lol. Something inside of me told me to open the blinds so I could see out my window. It was absolutely beautiful. My dorm room looks out at the lake on campus, as well as the ocean/Gulf of Mexico a bit further down. I stood near the window, just gawking at the outside world for a bit. But then, I realized ppl could probably see me. Although I'm sure they wouldn't care (and some of them could probably relate to what I was experiencing, lol), I decided to put the blinds up again. ^^;

At this point, I was seeing some really weird geometrical shapes. It reminded me of patterns in Mayan sculptures/paintings. I tried to articulate what I was seeing on my private Snapchat story, but began giggling so much that I couldn't even remember what I was trying to explain, :P However, I was able to say on a voice memo in the Trip App that I could "see every nook, wrinkle, and crevice in my hand." It was WILD to see all the detail. I felt like my eyes were on HDR mode or something. Words also began to not make sense for some reason - the whole babbling in my head thing began to take place.

The Come-Down:
After a few hours, my roommate came back from work. I told her in advance that I would be tripping in the room, so she sorta knew what to expect I think. But yeah, after that, the effects started to wear off. The trip in its entirety lasted maybe 6 hours.

I had an amazing time. I really want to experience it again - maybe this time with close friends. Yes, I tripped alone. Bad Ash, bad! :P In all seriousness though, I knew I could handle it. I'm pretty introverted as it is anyway, and I knew my roommate was a phone call away just in case something happened. I forgot to say this earlier, but I also fully realized during the trip that I don't like to take up space in anyone's life. It was kind of disheartening to realize that after sitting uncomfortably on my bed surrounded by material things. But, again, it was an awesome trip over all. I will try to draw or paint next time bc I didn't get to do that this time.

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