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9.1 grams of B+

Death of ego, fear, and confusion.

I happened to be walking through a large meadow when they started to kick in. There were so many flowers in bloom. They completely took my attention away from everything else. Upon looking around I noticed my perception of colour had changed. The sky was lined with a crimson band as the sun started to set. This now had my full attention. The large power line structures in the distance looked like gods towering in the sky. The sun seemed to take hours to set as I felt these waves of warmth and happiness. I exhaled a deep yawn and with it felt all this energy leave my body. My energy continued to dwindle and with that came this feeling of fear. I slowly started to lose track of everything going on. Where I was, what I was doing, and even who I was. I lost track of my whole purpose in life and everything about myself. The feeling of ego dissolution aka ego death is a strange, confusing, and scary feeling. It can be very worrisome as a lot of people will often think they took too much shrooms and they%u2019re going to be stuck like that forever. It%u2019s also one of the most deep human experiences ever. The process of slowly piecing myself back together and figuring out who I am as the shrooms wore off is where it got really deep. When the whole thing was done I realized the things that weren%u2019t important to me were left behind, forgotten about. I felt like a completely new person finding myself at peace with things that were troubling me even days after this experience.

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