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Crazy, Scary, and Enlightening First Trip

Just two days ago I had my first experience with magic mushrooms (or any psychadlelic for that matter).

Just two days ago I had my first experience with magic mushrooms (or any psychadlelic for that matter). I must say it was an intensely beautiful, sometimes terrifying, but always enlightening experience. A few friends and I had been planning it for several days. We were going to hook up at the highschool basketball game Friday night, then go back to my house (a VERY big house, perfect for this sort of thing) where we would wait awhile for my parents to go to sleep (another place the big house comes in handy) before eating the shrooms. Only one of us, my friend Daley, had done them before, but he was quite confident it would go well The game turned out to be a bit distressing as it didn't look like we were going to get any, though we eventually did. The worst part came when my friend Alvin was nearly busted (as in a brawny female cop holding a flashlight in his face, demanding to know if the pipe in the sweatshirt she'd seen him ditch while running away from a police car was his). Somehow everything turned out OK though, and my Dad picked us up without any suspicion. So anyway, we finally arrived at my house, a bit shaken, but I hoped still determined to carry out our plans. My brother had a couple of friends over and they were going to stay up most of the night too. My bro is is seventh grade, and of course he wanted to hang out with us. For some stupid reason we thought we could pull it off without them noticing, so agreed to all sleep in the media room together. By now my parents had gone to bed so we went upstairs and pulled out the shrooms. Alvin was understandably still a bit shaken, but he agreed to do them with us. So with the help of a little peanut butter we ate them all up. I believe I had two rather big stems, and a cap a little smaller than a yo-yo. At the time I didn't think it was very much and thought I was getting jipped, but Daley assured me he had given me more than anybody, and that I would be tripping all night long (it was about 10:30). So we went back downstairs and played video games with my bro and his friends. It wasn't long before I started feeling it, a strange vibration all through my legs that travelled up my body. Nobody else was feeling it though. We were all checking the clock regularly and giving each other goofy, questioning looks. Every now and then one of us would ask another to come upstairs with him, and we'd tell each other how it was going. Eric, the last of my fellow trippers, pretty much stayed downstairs the first hour, and didn't really seem to be affected. Daley was just starting to feel it, and Alvin swore he couldn't feel anything, though he was acting really weird. I, however, was seriously feeling it. I felt light enough to fly away and too heavy to stay standing all at the same time. I also had the biggest grin on my face and could not stop laughing for anything. Looking in the mirror I saw that I looked somewhat cartoony and elf-like. It was cracking me up. I went downstairs for a minute. Eric was still playing video games, but everyone else was really hyper, running and jumping everywhere. Eric stood up for a second, but almost fell over. He said he hadn't felt it until just then. Suddenly I looked down and saw the box to the movie "The Indian In the Cupboard" lying on the floor. The box art was of a cupboard (go figure) and I suddenly became convinced that I could open the cupboard if I tried. So I grabbed it and Daley and ran upstairs. I told him what I was doing and he laughed at me, saying I would spend all fucking night trying to open the thing. I stared at it for like five minutes. It wasn't opening, but I could see faces carved in it. Still I got bored with it and went to the bathroom. The tiles on the bathroom floor were really tweakig out. I finished peeing and went back in my room but no one was there. So I went looking for them. Suddenly I could hear the pipes all through my house very loudly, and could almost see them behind the walls. This was weird. Daley and Alvin came upstairs and I followed them back into my room. Whoa! Walking into my room it suddenly dawned on me how artificial everything was. Everything was plastic, nothing was natural! We had cut ourselves off from nature, placed ourselves above it, and I suddenly had this tremendous urge to be with it again, appologise to it. But no one would let me go outside. So I went up to my dad's office to be with his plant. This was interesting, but it didn't satisfy me, so I went outside. Alvin tried to stop me but I went anyway. It was really dark and cold and I was a little dissapointed. But I looked up and the sky was all purple and swirling around, and I saw a shooting star. I went back to my room. Everyone thought I was still outside, and Alvin kept opening the back door and calling for me. He was obviously worried about me. I went to the bathroom and took out my contacts. My bad vision was really exaggerated, everything was in blurry pixels and it was starting to make me a little antsy. I went back to my room. Alvin came in and his afro made me even more antsy. It sounds funny now, but then it was making me really nervous. He could tell I was getting upset and tried to calm me down, but I just wanted to go to sleep. I was way too aware of every square inch of my body, yet I couldn't control it, and I felt like I was trapped in pixel-land. Finally alvin left, and I turned off the lights and went to bed. Suddenly I was inside my mind, and I could see every thought I had floating around me in the form of weird, dark shapes. It was intensely womb-like, but I was not at all comfortable there. Every negative thing in the world was all around me, and I felt responsible for it all. I realized that this must be a small fraction of what Jesus felt like on the cross, suddenly responsible for the sins of every human being. I could hear everyone downstairs and they seemed way too loud. The sounds kept coming into my brain as crazy shapes. What was really weird was that I suddenly knew where everyone in the house was, and what they were doing. I could see my dogs breathing as they slept far outside. By now I was extremely paranoid. I was convinced that the drugs would never wear off, that they had effected me mentally and that I would never be the same. I also knew that I had already been caught, and that my parents now hated me. And everything was so dark. The crazy shapes all around me were becoming very threatening, making frightening scissor movements, like they were cutting up my brain. I think I was crying, but I couldn't tell the difference between my eyes and my mouth. I can not explain to you how horribble it was. I just knew I had to go to sleep, but I didn't know what sleep was. I couldn't remember how to get my body to this escape called sleep. I felt so trapped. At this time I also realized that I was not my body, that I was just trapped in it for the time being and would eventually escape. Alvin kept coming in trying to comfort me, but he was really scaring me. Finally I got Daley to make him go away, but they were back a little later. They turned on the lights and started talking to me. I realized they weren't going to go away so I put my glasses on. Suddenly everything was better, it all looked normal. Well, maybe not normal, but not all pixely. My room is wallpapered in movie posters and the faces on them were really interesting. The lights were really weird too. But I was coming down. Alvin however was going up, and getting very nervous. But we just hung out in my room loking at things. Then we all agreed that this made weed totoaly pointless. We went downstairs, but my trip was over. So I just watch Eric think Daley was going to eat him and think about all that had happened. It was over, and I was safe... and couldn't wait to try it again.

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