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0.7 to 1.0 grams of dried B+

second dose

My second dose was about 0.7 to 1.0 grams of dried B+, consumed as tea with a tiny bit of lemon juice. I experienced various closed eye hallucinations like rotating fractal patterns and geometric shapes but noticed only very slight distortions with open eyes. The patterns seemed to be directly formed from the last image that hit the retina and rapidly changed after closing my eyes, moving and rotating in all directions. At the time I was listening to the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Playlist from youtube, but overall the playlist was way too long because of the rapid onset of the effects by consuming the mushrooms in a tea instead of eating them and the music got me annoyed at some point. After taking off the headphones I experienced a highly increased level of introspection, deep thoughts, and rather unpleasant ruminating about the past. Staring into a mirror is definitely not recommended, I saw myself aging rapidly and suddenly developing a chin like Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead movie, which I found a bit distressing at the time. Overall a much less enjoyable experience than the first time, which led me at some point to get up and try to get sober as quick as possible.  This was a bad mistake because I noticed that no amount of coffee or food would get me off the trip, which increased my anxiety. Eventually the effects wore off, but the trip left me quite confused and slightly irritated, even days later.

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