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0.3 grams of dried B+

First trip

I wanted to exercise caution at my first dose of mushrooms, not knowing what to expect. So I prepared about 0.3 grams of dried mushrooms and put them into a somewhat larger teacup. Poured boiling water over it and drank the resulting tea about 15 minutes later.
At first, I thought the dose was too low to experience any noticeable effects, but after roughly one hour I noticed my vision getting slightly blurrier and colors appearing much brighter than usual.
I was comfortable lying on my back on the carpet in the bedroom. Staring at the ceiling and the walls around me, I suddenly started to notice that the shadows in the room had certain distinct colors to them, depending on where the light was reflected from. While only experiencing slight visual distortions when looking at things for a longer time, visual acuity seemed improved overall and I was able to see imperfections on the white ceiling I have never noticed before. As strange as it sounds, but just observing ordinary things like pieces of furniture, light fixtures, light reflections, and shadows or looking down from the windows at traffic on the road below in this increased state of perception was one of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had at the time. I remember looking at a random car, noticing the radiating brightness of the blue paint, and marveling at the orange blinkers that hit my eyeballs with egregious intensity. It felt like a poor mans version of spider-sense. The experience didn't last too long, about two hours total. I didn't experience any unpleasant emotions or felt like I would be unable to function normally in everyday situations like at work, at the supermarket, and so on.

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