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5 grams of dried B+

Glad I didn't take more..

My third dose of mushrooms was 5 grams of dried B+ as tea with a decent amount of lemon juice. I listened to a self-created playlist of classical music with decent headphones, lying in my bed at around 8 pm. The music sounded amazing, and I got extremely vivid visual hallucinations with closed eyes as well as open eyes. This time the mushrooms induced a much more euphoric state of mind than in my previous trips, maybe because of the added lemon juice or because I've had a very weak alcoholic drink about one hour before taking the mushrooms. Maybe it was the setting. At some point, I decided to get up from bed because of increasing back pain from an injury I sustained a few days before. From this point on I got into a state of deep restlessness, feeling an unexplainable sense of urgency which led me to pace around the rooms in my apartment. I started talking to myself in what I suspect a quite embarrassing manner, giggling manically in between monologues while still pacing up and down rooms like a distressed animal. All the time I was still in a very euphoric state of mind with highly increased levels of energy, and I even did some light shadow boxing/karate exercises. About two to three hours later the effects of the drug wore off and I realized I was sweating like a pig with my shirt soaking wet. The next day I felt like something in my brain reset and my overall demeanor now featuring increased levels of openness, and less anxiety. Overall a great experience, but I hope my neighbors didn't notice my mushroom-fueled episode of temporal insanity. Next time, I certainly will take such a large dose only in a very secluded space in nature, with no one else around.

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