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Amanita Muscaria and Ecuador Cubensis

Pretty sure i almost died, but i broke a wall

This is to serve as a memoir of of trip from last night. As i sit here 20 hours after my experience am am filled with an urge to get my thinking done. Thinking that i was too overwhelmed to attempt during my experience. 


5g dry weight of beautiful Ecuador Psilocybe cubensis(grown by a high quality psychedelic farmer from South Africa)

10g Dried-partially cured Amanita Muscaria 

A potent Amanita resin extract for smoking



Amanita Muscaria, harvested in South Africa. Growing in a pine forest, not historically native to South Africa, in the western cape. seeing as amanita Muscaria and pantherina potency can vary quite a lot according to location strain and environment- these factors i think will lead to quite a unique experience from my natural harvest. 
The evening after i harvested the Muscaria mushrooms i dried them in my oven on the lowest heat(75-80 deg. C) with a strong fan from inside the oven. I used a sensitive meat thermometer to make sure it never reached 80C in the middle of the oven. They came out about 4 hours later cracker dry. Leaving them out over night left them soft and somewhat moist again, it wasnt a humid night. I then left them in a drying shoebox with a pc fan, that took to long and i ended up blasting them with a fan heater for a while until cracker dry again. They then went into a sealed jar for a few days before my trip. 


For this trip i made a tea from 10g of dried mushroom. A ratio of about 4g stalk - 6g cap(gills and scales included). I also included some the the base bulb later, thinking that it most likely contained concentrations of whatever chemical is a prodrug to ibotenic acid and muscimol. 

This was cut up with scissors pretty finely, could have been finer. Then some milk was heated in the microwave and added to the powder. I mixes it in until the powder was all wet and left it for about 2 hours. After having a small supper i came back and filled the rest of the big mug with boiling water. I added erythritol for sweetner(i am type 1 diabetic and keeping stable bloodsugar is vital during these trips- a CGM monitor is the best way to keep an eye on how your are doing). The tea was then left to cool. 

My method for Muscaria resin extract:

I used the cap from a beautiful young specimen that had just cracked its veil. It was the perfect representation of the mushroom %uD83C%uDF44 emoji. This and a tiny bit a cap from a larger specimen. I dont have the weights. I added this to a small pot over a gas stove with a thin layer of water covering the bottom. The caps where broken up by hand. I attempted to keep the water just bellow boiling but this was difficult given how little water i used. I put the lid on and left it for a while witch led to a stage of high heat boiling away much of the water. This did not seem to affect the final product. When half an hour had passed, i had added some extra water when needed, adding water and reducing does not seem to affect the process as this was done many times to get the resin out of the pot. I poured off the water through a sivv and then squeezed the mushroom material as much as possible against the mesh. This extracts a thick oil. Then i added the liquid back to the pot and reduced as much as possible. The resin ending being thick but unlike weed rosin. Its quite messy. But luckily its so very soluble in water that just adding some loosens the resin entirely, making it quite easy to clean. I reduced the resin and extracted as much from the pot as i could onto wax paper. Then i added some water again, quickly dissolved the left overs and reduced it again, extracting more resin. 
I did this multiple times and got as much as i could. This resin definitely work if you ingest is as-well as smoke it

I then prepared my cubes. I crushed the 5gs by hand into a small pill bottle, then cut it all up as fine as possible. Added this powder to some apple juice and mixed it all in. 


The Muscaria tea is really quite palatable, especially with sweetener- if the tea was cooked properly i could have strained it for a really enjoyable sweet milky tea. As a tea man myself it really is surprisingly nice.

I drank about half of the tea. 

Then i drank all the cubensis in the apple juice. Apple juice is definitely one of the best ways to have strong tasting dry mushies. 

I then finished the rest of my tea. All this in the coarse of about 20 minutes. All of my methods for ingesting made it incredibly easy to swallow the powder. All in all, about 20 grams of dry mushroom flesh. 

The beginning:
The onset was fast and powerful, it must have been 20 minutes and i was in the realm of a peaking 5g cube trip. While pure psilocybin trips can give you a clear head with your thoughts, i felt incredibly intoxicated and cloud minded for the entire trip. The intoxication and body high i attribute to the muscimol. I was warm and comfortable and experiencing intense visuals from the get go.

Time decided to move incredibly slowly from this point, i spent the first hour watching Fantastic Fungi on netflix and thoroughly enjoyed the psychedelic segment xD. 

After the first hour, i reach the slight lul in activity. That moment when you stop climbing for a bit and drop things down a notch. This is a moment of comfort and good mood but i realise now that it signaled a climb that would take me so much further than i ever thought possible. 

Hour 2-3:
Truly powerful body effects where taking place. Again this was only a signal of what was to come. The visuals here where truly close to the beginnings of dmt. Absolutely intense colours and incredible physical distortion. My balance and fine motor control where pretty much out the window, with fine motor movement%u2019s turning into rapid jerking motions and a swaying in my balance, like a top heavy machine with a gyroscope keeping it upright. My body temperature was becoming very erratic going from quite cold to sweating hot in matters of minutes(or seconds, was very hard to comprehend time at this point)At some point i put a bunch of the Muscaria resin extract on some weed. This stuff was very very strong. It has to boil at quite a high temperature but when it does, it rapidly expands and released gas that can be quite harsh. The sensation of holding these hits in your lungs was all in the head. Your head will rapidly become heavier in an accelerated manner. Right until you start exhaling, which instantly brings back your consciousness. These hits will be followed by secondary and third intense waves of loss of motor control. I suspect that these doses contributed highly to the peak i experienced. Towards the end of this segment i was starting to loose sensation in my arms and chest.

Hour 4 - 5:

Oh man. I was not ready for this. This build up is so difficult to describe visually. It felt far more powerful than dmt. It was accompanied by some very scary negative side effects. These included a very disturbing numbness of my upper body at first which extended to my legs. There where moments i felt i had no limbs. But more serious was the loss of sensation in my chest. My breathing became physically restricted like my muscles didnt want to do this job anymore. And my heart, fuck my heart. My pulse all but dissapeared as my heart began racing, i have no measurements i would like to have had them. This sensation in my chest led me to feel like my heart could just stop at any moment, that my chest would simply forget to keep breathing. Then a wave of intense nausea as my body temperature sky rocketed and i threw up what was left of my supper from earlier, only a tiny amount of mushrooms was present, so most of that 20gs of flesh was in my gut. I knew that throwing up would be a releaving experience and would probably remove a bunch of my anxiety so i prepared myself with my bucket, threw up a bunch, felt incredibly cleansed and then lay on my side in bed to make sure i didn%u2019t throw up into my lungs. After this the true peak happened, I completely lost sensation in my body. And as sensation drifted in and out my nerve endings felt like they where firing all over my room, my body felt as though i had grown tendrils and was spreading like roots through my bed when i opened my eyes i was completely confused. What i saw was what i felt. My arm had split into many arms with many hands attached to them and they where sprawling of my bed onto the floor , my legs felt as they had become tentacles in my bed and they where split into many branching fibers. I did not see my legs, they where under a blanket but i was entirely convinced they where connected like tendrils to my entire room. When i opened my eyes I realized that i had no idea what was real. Absolutely nothing seemed tangible and physical anymore. I saw myself lying on my bed, whith thousands of myself splitting and sprawling from a central mass. This i can only describe as a multi-body experience. I did not feel like i had 2 selves (a mental and a physical) but rather that i had split and could split into anyone  for eternity. The release of this peak was beautiful as my hand slowly came back into one and my legs reformed into the long and powerful struts that they are. 

Coming down from about 6 or 7 hours in:
At this point i had come down considerably from hour 2-5. But my visuals where still very strong and i was still very intoxicated by the musicmol. This stage could probably be compared to a 3-4g trip with alcohol. My mind was still so overwhelmed at this point i still couldn%u2019t spend time thinking about what happened. I had gone through quite a scary experience with the weird numbness, tight chest and uncertain heart but that peak was the singular most powerful experience i have ever had. But i was still able to keep my bloodsugar under control and i made it out the other side. I fell asleep probably hour 9 or 10 and have had quite a beautiful mindful high energy morning.

Muscimol played a massive role in what I experienced last night. From the tea to the unbelievable potent resin i made, i achieved one of muscimol defining features in spectacular fashion, out of body experiences. 

Here in lies a lesson behind the importance of a trip guide/sitter, in the moments when i felt i had split into thousands of different people i needed someone to confide in. 

Normally i dont struggle at all with keeping a grip on whats real and whats coming from my mind so i havent ever had a bad trip and always feel completely capable of handling myself. I have conquered a 10 gram trip that had me puking for a whole day afterwards but nothing compares to this. This was the first time i had been stripped of control, even compared to dmt i felt completely disconnected from the physical plain 

I had some bad effects, i couldnt find anything online about muscimol leading to that kind of discomfort and tightness in the chest, i only found symptoms like that coming from ingesting butofenine. I felt the need to rub hard on my chest over my heart when breathing was most difficult and my heart felt like it was gonna stop, this rubbing was incredibly relieving and often freed up my chest and gave me sensation again. I found that conscious  effort to keep breathing normally was necessary to find some comfort. Being conscious of the dangers of puking in odd positions felt important to consider and i made sure when i felt nauseous my head was either looking over a bucket or i was lying on my side. 

What has this trip meant to me?

At this moment a difficult question to answer, i did not spend much time in deep thought, i was often a bit to overwhelmed. My multi-body experience although incredible to feel did not instill a realisation or epiphany. Now in the hours following all this i am finding my meaning. The time for thought has been reserved for the next 24 hours and i feel im approaching a kind of clarity.

Thank you for reading- in the end i would recommend trying this potent combo of psychedelics but be warned that to much(especially of muscimol) can have some scary affect on your body. I spent a lot of my time thinking my heart might stop but in those moments was calm with the idea that if it did happen it was my fault and it wouldnt be the worst way to die xD

So, overdosing muscimol or ibotenic acid can lead to respiratory  failure. Likely mostly coming from muscimol as the main receptors it agonizes are linked to involuntary and fine motor control. Ibotenic acid is also supposedly to blame but less is known about how its affects on its receptors affect our bodies. And the reports of respiratory failure are from ingesting mushrooms witch contain many more toxins and compounds in varied but supposedly minimal amounts. In the end i think smoking these 2 compounds can lead to major effects felt in the lungs. Probably having psilocybin and muscimol (cns excitants and suppressants) kind of works against each other in interesting ways. Muscimol and ibotenic acid appear to go from suppressing to exciting the CNS. Most trip reports seem to have people becoming tired and sleeping, dreaming intensely and then waking up with energy and good emotions.

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