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My first psilocibyn trip

20g of Atlantis truffles

This is my first mushroom trip, I am a 110kg male and have used a bit of alcohol and very little weed in my life. This trip happened in Amsterdam at July 29th of 2021.

I ate 14g grams of fresh Galindoi Atlantis sclerotia at around 9pm while smoking a little bit of weed in a coffeeshop. After eating it I slowly walked towards my hotel with my wife which didn't take anything. 

30 minutes in I started to feel euphoric and everything became extremely funny, it was a great filling while it lasted, and seeing that I was felling good I ate the 6 grams that were left and put on a playlist with a few violin concertos that I really like.

Then at around 10pm I laid down in the bed and started to see patterns with my eyes closed, they were mostly rotating colors, green and pink, with small black lines in the middle of the colors. From there I put the blanket over my whole body and head, feeling as if there was a nest or cocoon of some sort completely covering me and it made me feel safe and in peace there, suddenly the closed eyed visuals started to become really strong and I just lost track of the time, remaining laid down for at least 2 hours, having a lot of really amazing closed eyed visuals which I am not able to describe, all that I remember is that I was feeling as if I had removed lenses that had been in my eyes for my entire life, my imagination had gained wings and it was finally free to fly through my head and the world, guided by the music that I was hearing, feeling like a bird at some happy times of the concerto, I just felt really free inside my brain, having the sensation that there were no more restraints or anything holding my imagination back, it was the craziest feeling of my entire life, it was truly an amazing experience. During that time I had no open eyed visions, the walls didn't breath or anything like that, I was just seeing everything blurry. 

The comedown of the experience wasn't the greatest feeling, I was tired but couldn't sleep and I was not sure that the peak had passed or even that it had happened, I could only understand what I had been through a few minutes after it.

The next time I am in Amsterdam I will increase the dose and hope to have a good trip again. If there is anything new I remember the post will be updated.

Also, I leave here my thanks to everyone in the forum for all the information around magic mushrooms and sclerotia, thanking specially Aldebaran, whose posts were of imense importance for me to understand what sclerotia are and it's appropriate doses.

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