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Crazy trip

Hey everyone, I've been reading a lot of people's trips and I've decided to share my own experience.

Hey everyone, I've been reading a lot of people's trips and I've decided to share my own experience.

It was just a few day's ago actually. Me and my friend who I'm gonna call "G" were saving up some money for the weekend, and he asked me if I wanted to do Shrooms this weekend. I've taken shrooms once before and It was like the greatest thing ever so I was all for shrooms. so that Saturday I got home from my friends house around 2:30 and Called up G to see where he was. He said he was at the school just up the street, so I ran up to the school as fast as I could and when I got there G and my other friend Who I'll call "B" were already tripping and had been for like 3 hours already. and they thought I was Like a god or something cause the sun was right behind me and I was "Glowing" and they were freaking out cause They thought I attained super powers lol. So I chowed down the shrooms as fast as I could. I was soo excited for shrooms again, and they said the shrooms were awesome (I'm not sure But I think they were Cubensis). So while I was waiting for the shrooms to Kick in we decided to smoke a bowl. About Twenty Minutes Later I started feeling something. And I started listening to some Operation Ivy, and I just decided to Kick back and enjoy myself for a little while.

Then About 20 Minutes later it really started Kicking in. And We all Decided to Go to the football stadium, and I remember Freaking out cause I saw and Awesome Graffiti thinger That B made earlier, and I thought that He was like the greatest artist ever, so then I just sat down and started enjoying everything that was happening, and watching my friends ride bikes around the tracks, and I felt like I could make them speed up or slow down lol. so then After watching them For 5 minutes I realized that I had been rocking back and forth saying "SPEED UP" really loud and all these People in the Parking lot were staring at me lol so Me and My Bros decided to go up to Safeway and Buy some soda. On the Way I remember being soo amazed at how fast the cars could go. so We finally got there about 5 minutes later, but It felt like hours. and When I got inside, I Heard all these voices, and it seemed like all the voices and sounds were being directed at me, and I was soooo incredibly confused at that point, and I almost walked into like 5 different old people lol. So when We finally Paid for everything My friend "R" called and Wanted to hang out. So we Met up with him, and Right away he knew we were on something. So we felt bad that he wasn't on anything so We went back to the school and we were gonna smoke him a bowl.
At that Point I was tripping like way super hard. When Cars Drove By, It looked like they were going soo fast that They Made ripples in the sky, like when you see a Bullet being shot in slow motion. and When the Car would Pass, the Road would start waving and I thought It was gonna knock my off my bike. And I kept tying to talk to R, but I had soo much trouble having a simple conversation that All I ever said was "I'm trippin the fuck out" lol.

So when We got back to the school And R got baked, I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I just like went retarded. I Kept asking everyone where we were and where my house was and stuff like that even though I Knew all of it 100%
then I started wondering Why Were Alive and things like that.... at this Point I just went numb practically. I had no feeling, no Emotion, no care in the world. so I just walked over to a trash cans off of the stands at the stadium, I have no Idea why, and then I just stared at plants and trees, and Thought I could control Them and make them grow. and at about 6:30 I decide we should go to my house cause Their was a concert we were going to at 7:30, and I thought I was completely cool. So Once We got there, I Made some Poptarts, and called my mom to ask about a ride, and she said she wanted to talk to my brother so he could give me a ride, but for some reason I thought we were done talking so I hung up on her lol. then She called back like super pissed off, that was a bad move. then My dad didn't believe me that their was a concert that night, so I showed him my ticket, and He Just kept staring at me, and at that Point I got really Paranoid, but Everything worked out in the end, I got my ride and everything was awesome.

I'm Kinda bad at telling stories but yeah, that's pretty much what happened. I really wish We had a house where we could just chill at though, so we wouldn't have to talk to any parents.... but whatever, I had an awesome trip.

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