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The perfect mild trip

Comforting experience full of love and warmth

17th July 2021

After having thought about mushrooms the past couple of weeks but not really looking further than my worksite (I'm a gardener) I fortunately came across a small patch of P.subsecotioides at work on Monday. I was pretty excited by this as this was the first time I'd found mushrooms in the wild myself. I obviously knocked one of the Subsecos out of the ground as all I remember is moving to the next weed and a big ol shroom being right in front of me on its side. I immediately recognised it and made sure to move delicately as there was a good chance there were more nearby. Sure enough there were a couple of little fellas close by that I monitored during the week.

Anyway, I ended up harvesting one more medium size Subseco on Friday as the one I found on Monday needed using and I took the way things came about as a sign that I should consume them fresh. 

I had the same level of trepidation as I've had on my previous trips but I've always felt like it's been more a healthy level of respect for the power of mushrooms rather than anxiety. This time was slightly different too as it wasn't clear why I was thinking about mushrooms (other than it's the season), though I think it was something to do with me recently smoking a little bit of weed which reignited a couple of bad habits. I've since stopped smoking weed and recognised that it works better for me if I treat it the same way as mushrooms, which is to use them once or twice a year if I think there's a good and beneficial reason to do so. 

Anyway, enough with the boring details. 

At 9am I chopped the Subsecos up weighing at roughly 4g and used the lemon tek method. I then made a cup of tea and added the infused lemon juice after about 20 minutes and read one of my favourite authors (Gerald Durrel) while drinking the tea. I read for about 30 minutes before I felt the first sign which was my body becoming heavy and then put a Headspace episode on (I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to explore meditation). I followed the meditation exercise along which was all to do with letting go but asked for a visualisation of a place where you feel happy and relaxed. Interestingly my mind went to the house I grew up in before my parents separated and a wave of loss washed over me. I've long accepted my parents separating so it was curious that this came to the surface and brought me to tears, though it was much more like catharsis. I'm not sure whether this was the mediation alone or a combination of the mushrooms too, though I'm inclined to say it was the former as I've had several cathartic experiences since beginning mediation, plus the come up was only just building.

After finishing the episode I felt the sleepiness that comes with tripping so I lay back and got comfortable on the couch. It must've been about 45 minutes in at this stage and I was surprised I wasn't feeling a little bit more by now so I closed my eyes and waited patiently. I began to feel a lovely warmth engulf my body from the inside out and a gentle light brighten the darkness from behind my eyes. I was taken back to the place where I tripped with my best mate 18 months ago which was by the coast and the visuals became more vivid. A Maori tribal face (similar to a Tiki) started to ripple outwards along the ocean which was super cool. This then morphed into three mystical Aztec masks that formed a triangle which then changed into a grinning clown with sharp teeth. This sequence played out a couple times before I opened my eyes to shake off the clown visual as it wasn't exactly pleasant to see that. I wasn't resisting going deeper but I decided to open my eyes and put on some music to shake off the clown visual as it wasn't exactly pleasant. Music worked a treat and I returned to the interesting ancient tribal mask visuals which were now intertwined with circular lights that were reminiscent of the sun. 

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