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First trip, psilocybin

Can't wait for the next one!

An incredible experience to say the least.

3g of a chocolate mixture produced by a company in Oregon.

We were on the beach during the come-up, it was windy and waves were crashing and those sounds became very intense, but not scary.  The come-up was a bit nerve wracking because it really hit me that I couldn't turn back now, so I just leaned into like i've been told and mostly laid on the beach with my eyes closed enjoying the visuals. Eyes closed helped me relax and focus on my breathing.
We walked through the woods a bit during the peak and I didn't see thing morphing or changing shapes, but depth perception was off a bit and there glows and auras around things sometimes, and if I moved my vision fast enough I could see a trail of the image behind what I looked at.
We finished the journey and the come-down and my buddies house listening to good music.  The introspection kicked in and was powerful.  I didn't spend much time focusing on my intent towards the end because I was already spending so much time and energy thinking about not thinking and relaxing.  I did that most of the journey so the whole journey was just observing what was happening in that moment and trying to enjoy it.

Can't wait for the next one!

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