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15g of Philosophers Stone Magic Truffle

Human existence revealed!

About an hour after consumption I sensed a slight elevation in body temperature followed by a partial disassociation of mind from body. The effect of gravity seemed somewhat increased making for heavy arm movements etc. My hearing became heightened (I was far more aware of all sounds). About 1h 30 mins in an eclectic display of weak visual imagery began to morph around behind my eyelids. Two hours in I saw a 'light-bridge' of sorts connected to the crown of my head leading out to a dense galaxy at which point, I felt the need to leave my bedroom and take a look at my face in the bathroom mirror. I saw an empty shell of 'me'. The whites of my eyes had become a reflective silver. The entire pupil area of my eyes were jet black - but not in any dilatated way. After examining this most unfamiliar 'being' for two minutes or so I got an initial impression that I and the rest of humanity act as mere 'vehicles' for the universe to experience what life is for itself. This 'light-bridge' remained connected throughout this impression and I 'understood' right then, that it had always been there, a pre-established link, a conduit busily sending packets of data about the progress of 'my' current existence back to the universe for processing. Having returned to my bed, my hands without any direction from 'myself' began to explore my face, head, arms and so on - as if 'I' were occupying a human body for the first time trying to map-out and understand the function of this 'vehicle' better known as 'myself'. Four hours in and the effects began to subside but the truffle was still feeding me with a reassurance that Earth and the galaxies/stars/planets we see are for real and that their purpose is to physically support all forms of sentient existence whilst facilitating the universe in collating and understanding what life is. The overall impression imparted was that the universe and 'ourselves' - 'ourselves' being that egoic part of our minds we often identify with as: us', is ostensibly one-and-the-same organism exploring life through the existence, purpose, and direction that 'humans' feel compelled to partake in (as soon as we become self-aware following the formation of ego - identity). All of my preexisting notions surrounding reincarnation and religious beliefs were left recategorized as 'conceptual only' I.e.. 100% imaginary. The bodies 'we' occupy as 'ourselves' are essentially blanks designed to operate precisely in the fashion we do (collectively speaking). The ego we form from an early age eventually gets so caught up in the entanglement of life-pursuits that very few of us ever get around to seeing the biggest picture of all. As for 'death', it is impossible for any of us to actually die because: (1) 'we' are not the body. (2) 'we' are not the mind. Only our ego tricks us into believing that this is so. Biologically, the bodies we associate 'ourselves' with are 100% real. When one of these bodies reaches the end of its biological ability to function, this 'light-bridge' retracts to the inner depths of that dense galaxy I mentioned earlier. The only thing that truly dies, are the egos many of us spend a 'lifetime' constructing. The white light or the tunnel-of light many have described during a NDE isn't 'us' about to go off to 'Heaven'. It is simply the universe retracting the 'light-bride' from a non-functioning blank it facilitated the spawning of many eons ago. This light 'we' see at the point of biological death is a tentacle of sorts from the universe detaching itself from a being that has ceased functioning. The universe is a truly sentient being exploring what life is through the proliferation of blank biological beings (which I got the impression it will continue to do) until it has reached a thorough conclusion about life. The most comforting realisation I took from this experience is that it is all a cosmic-game (off sorts) and that no matter how bad or joyful life seems; 'we' are very much a functional part the universe exploring itself. And this is why 'we' are eternal and by 'we' I mean the collective 'we' who has and will continue to decipher the meaning of life.

Technical details: I'm a 54yr old male with a body-weight of 200lbs. In preparation I dried and ground these truffles before lemon-tekking them. I had not taken any other substances (including alcohol) that day. I ate only vegetables and salad four hours prior to the 'trip' which began at 11pm. The effects didn't subside until 8:30am the following morning. The experience left me feeling lethargic but able to function properly by 11am. I did not experience any increase in heart rate nor muscle cramps despite having exercised earlier that day.  I did not experience any nausea.

Update (13.6/21). I ceased (for whatever reason) having dreams of any sort around 2016. But last night I experienced a mind filled with colours and dreamed throughout my time sleeping. It's as if old neurons/pathways have been reestablished to some fashion. I hope the change is permanent.

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