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1st Ayahuasca trip

Blown away

It was New years eve 2019 going into 2020. I just got off work with a friend and went to Old Chicago to have a beer and shot for the new years nothing crazy since I had work in the morning. Naturally we drank more than I had wanted and my friend decided to pick up a pint of whiskey on the way to my house. We get trashed and my friend learns my father has a vape pen of ayahuasca and is all down to try it. I'm not entirely on board but couple more shots and some moments of peer pressure and I agree. At this point I am 28 and have been tripping on acid and shrooms since I was 17. I have had experienced a fair amount of tripping and was very much aware this was the next level. 

My dad turn off the lights in his room except a dim light that wasn't much brighter than a candle and a small set of calming blue LED lights in a corner of the room. My friend is sitting on a blue captain chair that was removed from a van we used to own. I was sitting on my parents bed while my dad sat in a chair in front of us. Dark side of the moon played softly in the background. Both drunkin courage and a nervous sense of reality wrestled in my brain as my dad handed me the pen and told me to take a light hit.

EUPHOIRA ! As my vision slightly darkened and cleared a beautiful majestic color of blue was right before me. This was not the same blue as before but one that spoke to me and told me this was going to be an amazing journey and everything was alright. Then my dad instructed us as to how we were going to take the next dose. He had reveal a second pen of Ayahuasca and told us we would each take three solid hits of both pens.

Without hesitation I am hallucinating 2D and 3D shapes of vivid colors as I exit reality. Suddenly I am looking down over what appears to be the game board for the video game Q*bert. A set of squares surrounded by a black void. The squares then began to crumble from the center as I feel myself falling in pursuit.  Then I find myself standing on the street corner of another reality looking at another being where all I can really focus on is its eyes. Silently we agree I'm not suppose to be there as we stare at each other in disbelief. I then return to reality finding myself laying on the bed in uncontrollable laughter. I experience a back and forth between laughing in reality and in an unknown realm of my mind where I know I cant stay. 

The next two days I felt distant from reality like the world had become dull. I would try ayahuasca again in two to three weeks while on acid. 

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