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Crazy Times at The Gate

It was a crisp autumn in Upstate New York, where the pyscho hallucinogenic drugs flow like wine.

It was a crisp autumn in Upstate New York, where the pyscho hallucinogenic drugs flow like wine. Being a Wednesday, me and two of my esteemed collegues decided to trip our balls off at my college (Colgate U. awesome tripping place) after ingesting about 3 grams of blueish shrooms each (with plenty of dusties)we headed out.

Strolling up to an old golf course we noticed the familiar ear-to-ear grins slowly creeping across our faces and a sweet sense of intoxication similar to alcohol but minus the puking and headache. We parked our asses on some grasses and decided to rip a couple of bowls. (good idea)

Having eaten the shrooms about 40 minutes ago we were all starting to feel groovy. My bud started to trip on the way over from getting the shit, but my trip began on the golf course. At first i recall feeling glued to the ground and feeling abnormally heavy. We were now totally tweaking out so we decided to take a walk.

We wandered into the University chapel with our pupils looking like a fuckin sad cartoon character's. Shadows and darkness intertwined in an X-filesish silence as me and my cohorts slowly and deliberatedly walked the chapel. I remember thinking "these angles don't add up" followed by my rejection of all Euclidian geometery. THis was all very cool but we needed more scenery so we headed out.

On the way down we bugged out in front of kids who will never knew the joy of a mushroom trip, this felt good. Now my head was spinning. Colors now flowed unbound by the objects that contained them. Sky and tree flip-flopped position negative space became significant. We stopped by a pond to smoke another couple of bowls.

The events of that ppond pow-wow were not clear, but included a total realization of self and the myraid possibilites of the universe. If that conversation were recorded and analyized im sure we woulda solved the global energy problem somewhere in there. I suffered some paranoia during this time and kinda went nuts, but this was cured by sitting on soft pretty grass and obseving badass visuals curiousy of pond reflections. Wholey Moley!

After exploring a stonewall we were sitting on some steps. My heavy tripping had stopped and my buddies regained some sanity.

Instead of a bad "come down" we were more high than ever. Our bodies coarsing with endorphins, we decided to go smoke a bong with our buddy. It didn't matter that he went to school 70 miles away and we had no gas. My friend over drew his checking account and we were off with a full tank. Driving about 110 my buddy decided that death was an acceptable risk and really not all that bad. I had to agree. Fortunately we made it safely to Oswego college and smoked a bong on the shore of lake ontario and watched the sunrise. Cool stuff man.

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