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Worst Trip I’ve ever had on LSD

Taking an entire gel tab for the first time tripping

Now this is the first time I’ve ever posted about my first psychedelic experience. This was a few years back and I was 14 at the time. I had no prior experience with psychedelics and had only smoked weed up until that point. One day at school two of my friends came up to me and I noticed that one of them looked a bit off. And that was when he informed me that he was tripping on half a tab of acid at that very moment, and that my other friend was acting as his sitter. I had only researched lsd and its affects a few times before that, but I didn’t know too much about it besides the fact that it made you hallucinate. I asked my friend if he could bring me a tab the next day so that I could buy it off of him and he agreed. I remember sliding him a 20 in return for a tiny plastic baggy with a small green gel tab inside. I slid the baggy into my school binder and went home. Once I got home I decided that I’d trip at school during PE the next day. I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea, but again I didn’t know much about lsd and my friend seemed perfectly fine while HE was tripping at school. I was only a freshman at the time, which I’m still not sure if that’s a young age to try acid at considering most of the people I knew who did acid tried it around the same time. But being a freshman you can imagine how stupid my decision making was at the time, so admittedly it’s no surprise that I had such a bad trip. I not only decided to do it at school, but also decided to tell no one I’d be tripping that day. That means no sitter, and trying to hide the fact that I was tripping. My school operated on a block schedule, and I had PE second block, which means I waited an hour and a half for my first block to be over before heading to PE and taking the tab. Now, my friend had told me to only take half, so that’s what I decided I’d do. At least at first anyways. I went into the bathroom and tried cutting the tab in half with scissors, only to no avail since it was a thin plastic like consistency. So instead I went into the changing room, tore half off with my fingers, and placed it onto my tongue. Now I had a very high tolerance for weed at the time, so I decided I needed to make sure to keep the second half with me in case it wasn’t enough to get me high. Again, I was only 14 and very stupid. So about 15 minutes in I still feel nothing even though the tab has already dissolved, so I decide to just go ahead and take the second half. I place it on my tongue and head into the gym (we would usually wait outside the gym for everyone to finish changing before going inside) and once I went into the gym I just looked up at the ceiling while we did our stretches. I was beginning to think that I might have been scammed or tricked into buying something that wasn’t even legit, but I just kept staring and waiting for it to take effect. Eventually we go out into the field since that day we were playing baseball. By this point I had already flashed my tongue to one of my friends so that they would know I was on acid and just to show off in some way. (Stupid I know) and once we get outside I begin feeling light. The ground begins to swirl slightly and everything just feels so much lighter. My stamina is suddenly boosted as if I had an endless supply and there was no stopping me. It felt amazing if I’m being completely honest. When we start heading inside my voice begins emitting from the sky and not my mouth. The closer we get to the gym the higher my voice begins to ascend. Once we step into the hallway of the changing rooms I feel the acid hit me like a train. On the right side of my vision I see the right half of a clock while I feel my soul being knocked out of my body. I can’t feel the right side of my body, and I can’t seem to control any of it. I begin to feel the panic set in and I feel like breaking down. No one seems to see my soul, only my still body that’s just frozen there. Suddenly I hear my friends’  voices, except all their voices are intensely distorted. One of them laughs and smiles at me while saying something about how I’m on acid. I see the coach coming and so I grab my friend and look him dead and the eyes before saying “Come on man this isn’t funny, just help me stay in line please.” I said it sternly and panicked at first, but then it slowly just turned to pleading. As we stepped inside the locker room I went straight to my locker and undid my lock while trying to change as fast as I could. I didn’t know if my high would get anymore intense and I didn’t wanna take my chances. After I got dress one of my friends joked “Hey can I have your ps4 when you die?” And I just ignore them and leave while feeling very panicked. After second block I had lunch, so I decided I’d just sit down and try to chill out. At this point everything was just a bit echo-y and I had a hard time understanding people, but I mostly just felt panicked. I went to my friend group (who I did not let know that I was on acid) and tried to act as normal as possible. I popped in my earbuds and tried listening to music, but it just made all the echoing and the environment so much worse. I asked one of my friends where the office was and that I felt sick, so he said he would lead me to it because he felt thirsty, but in reality I just wanted an excuse to go to my counselor (my counselor was very chill and didn’t mind when students came in high/drunk, so I figured I could chill in their office for a bit) but while we were walking inside, a bee landed on my sleeve. My friends got freaked out and backed away from me while I just stood there, staring at the bee. I could see it’s every movement, including it’s small twitches. I kept tugging at my sleeve until it finally flew away, and then we began heading back in again when suddenly a car drove by our school with its speakers blaring. This began to distort my hearing even more, and it was very very uncomfortable for me considering the speakers were so loud you could feel the ground shaking. Once we headed inside I went into the office, asked if they had a cup of water (they didn’t) and walked out to go to the counselors office. When I went there I found that the counselor wasn’t there yet, and that there was only a staff member. I told him I needed to see the counselor urgently and he said that the counselor would be back after third block and that I should go to class in the meanwhile. So I stepped out, and realized just how fucked up I was. Every movement I made would have a delay. I’d see myself make a movement, watch my soul fall back into my body, and feel it just as my soul would fall right back into place with my body, as well as seeing a red and greenish-blue outline on everything. And to add into that everyone’s voice (including my own) had an echo. So I asked my friend to come meet me because of how badly the trip was going. He came upstairs with his girlfriend and find me sitting down in the hall trying to recollect my thoughts. He came up to me and asked what was wrong. I told him all about how I had been tripping to an insane extent and asked him if he had gone through the same, to which he told me he didn’t. He asked if I’d be alright on my own and I said that I would (I had calmed down a bit at this point) and so he gave me a Gatorade and walked back to lunch right before third block was about to start. I decided that I was too fucked up for my next class (which was band at the time, which I dropped out of the next year since I didn’t care about it) and went outside and sat down. I put in my earbuds once again and put on some edm this time (I was listening to nirvana the first time I had my earbuds in) and looked up at the sky. I’m pretty sure this was the peak of my trip due to the intense hallucinations I was having. I began to see double rainbows sprawled all throughout the sky, as well as vibrant colors outlining the nature in the distance. Whenever I looked at the ground I began to see patterns consistency of clown faces that were connected to each other by monkeys with rainbow leotards. And whenever I closed my eyes I’d see a man in a colorful suit dancing to the music I was listening to, and many of him at that. Suddenly I saw two staff members come outside and sit on the table that was a few yards away from me, and they began to eat there. I stopped my music and tried listening in on their conversation, which was very difficult considering I was so fucked up. I felt like a hobo sitting there against the wall on the ground while being high as a kite. I should’ve known that the staff would’ve come out and seen me at some point considering I was in the staff parking lot, but the staff that was sitting near me didn’t seem to care. After a little I began to feel my calm and trippy high turn into panic again. My body still felt completely numb on my right side and so I decided to text my friend again. We walked into the hall and began talking about how I was gonna get out of this. He told me it would last six more hours which only made me even more frantic. (It would actually last about 12 more hours) I told him how fucked up I was and that it took a second for me to feel anything. And as proof I decided to slap my face, which only ended up making my face go numb for another hour. I practiced talking normally with him so that my mom wouldn’t suspect anything and he told me that it was believable. After that I went back to sitting in the parking lot and he went back into class. After a few minutes I saw my counselor walking towards me and the staff that was (still) sitting at the table. The staff told my counselor about how I needed to talk with them urgently and so I went inside with my counselor and told them about how I had taken a tab of acid. They asked what kind of tab I took and seemed to know a little about it, but clearly had never taken it considering they thought I would have the munchies, which I had the opposite of. They gave me some paper to add on and I tried explain to them the dimensions in which everything was appearing to me, and how every dimension was just a layer, and how my soul and body were not on the same layer. I made a very shitty drawing and they didn’t understand most of what I said considering I would switch topics constantly. What I had noticed whenever I talked was that my brain would bridge topics with even the slightest similarity which caused me to switch topics constantly due to the bridges that my mind created between one topic and another. I talked very fast and I could tell that I was sounding like an insane person, but my counselor found it very intriguing and interesting. At one point towards the end of school my counselor decided to leave the room and so I just stared at the clock while they weren’t there. I remember seeing it go backwards at times and I just found it amusing. Sometimes I’d be happy when it would tick backwards because it meant I could avoid my mom for longer. And then I decided to watch some videos on my phone. I watched one certain video where the people speaking had British accents (I’m American), and in the middle of the video the bell rang and so I decided to just head home. The voices of the students in the hallway had British accents which weirded me out but I just ignored it. I did my best to cross the street safely once getting out of school and got in the car with my mom, still feeling numb and having those lagged movements of my soul falling into my body. My mom had gotten me some McDonald’s and so I decided to eat it when I got home. (Although I wasn’t hungry) when I tried eating it was a nightmare. It was as if every time I chewed, my chewing sounds were being mocked by several voices in my head. I’m not sure how they made chewing sounds into words but they did and it was very annoying. I ended up just throwing the food away and going to lay down. I couldn’t sleep and decided to just watch videos on my phone. The voices still sounded extremely distorted and I just couldn’t enjoy any of the videos. After about half an hour I decided to just go get some water. When I was walking down the steps of my bunk bed (yes I had a bunk bed and yes it had steps) I felt my souls slam into my body in the trippiest way ever, and I realized that my high had still not calmed down. I went into panic again and decided to get water and go back to laying down. I tried watching videos that supposedly helped with bad trips, but to no avail. It was already way past the supposed time that it should’ve worn off and I started panicking because even my breathing felt lagged. And then I finally gave in to my anxiety and told my mom. She gave me a lecture about how drugs are bad and how this is why I should never take them again and what not. You know, mom stuff. Then she asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, to which I declined. After that we watched some America’s Funniest Home Videos with my brother and I felt bubbly and light again. Suddenly my breathing started lagging again and I found it hard to take a breath. I told my mom and we decided to take me to the ER. While in the ER, my blood pressure and heart beat were pretty off and so they took me into a room and asked me to wait for the doctor. Long story short, the doctor told me that I just had to ride it out. On the car ride home I just blabbered about random things that my mind was still rapidly bridging together, but my hallucinations had come to a stop. This was about 14 hours after I first took the tab. It took me another hour to fall asleep at about 1 am, and then I woke up the next day (I didn’t go to school) and that was the end of it all. I decided that I didn’t want to do any drugs for a while after that, and after all the panic attacks I had on my trip my anxiety had gone down tremendously as nothing could compare to that hell. I didn’t feel as depressed either as I had gained a larger appreciation for life and felt grateful to have a sane mind and to still be alive. Overall the experience was horrible but I gained a lot of positive things from it and learned about psychedelics firsthand. It also served as a reminder to not overdue drugs of any kind which would be helpful in the future for me. But that’s about it.

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