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crazy night

ok we started the night out by playin a little frisbee and smokin some pot.

ok we started the night out by playin a little frisbee and smokin some pot. Then me and my friend decided to get an 8th of shrooms from a party i threw the night b4. from what i saw then every1 was trippin pretty hard. so i took my share and he took his. we ended up goin to his house to drop off the car and chill in his green room for a lil while. we left an hour later and it seemed like an eternity. so we decided to go back down to the park and play some more frisbee if anyone was up there. i felt bad for my friend b/c there was no room and he had to ride in the fuckin trunk. when we got up there nuthin was goin on so i told them to go ahead and drop me off at fazolis to wait for my friend to get off. this is when i started to trip real heavy. i went into his car to wait and lay down when some more of my friends came up to wait for him to get off. well they werent trippin but were bitchin at eachother and pissin me the fuck off. so i started to wig out a lil. so i went to the bathroom to calm down, and thats when all hell broke loose. i splashed some water on my face and looked into the mirror. then i looked at my pupils and all the sudden they begin to grow bigger and bigger. by the time i looked away they were my whole eye. so thats when i started to feel a little weasy. so i ran over to the toilet to throw up. i looked down into the water and i thought iwas bein flushed down the toilet. so i looked up and the walls and they started to move in and out. so after i got the fuck outta there i went out and told my friends i was headin home to chill. and thats when it started to get a lil better. later i realized i had a good trip just very bad surroundings.

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