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crazy legz

a few days ago me and 3 friends baught an ounce of shrooms.

a few days ago me and 3 friends baught an ounce of shrooms. We ate them at 7:00pm and after that, me and my friend ryan went outside and smoked a bowl. Id say the shrooms kicked in in about 45 min. Every thing was really colorful i remember going outside again later and looking at some type of bush with flowers on it. The flowers were very very bright blue i knew i was trippin hard. I had eattin twice as many as anyone else that made me happy. So then we went to my friend johns house and he played the drums we'll i triped in his room. I remember his waterbed being the coolest thing in the world to me. Me and my friend ryan triped in his room for a good we'll. After that we all went outside and just as we got outside my legs felt 10 times longer. It was fuckin crasy i cant explain it really but i can tell you it was giving me a body buzz from hell! it was alsome. Then next thing i knew a car pulls up full of fine ass girls every one of them was fine. Then i realized i knew them from school. So we all talked to them for a while they knew we was on something. but i didn't care. then all of a sudden my friend ryan jumps up and starts freaking out. And by the way ryans a violent mother fucker. So here he goes making a seen pulls out some weed and starts smoking right in front of the girls. So they get pist off and they said somthing like, Could you please put that up. And he said something like fuck you fatass. And the funny thing is she wasint fat she was fine as hell for some reason that pist me off. I started yeiling at him so he yeild back and it started a big thing and i ended it. Then i look over and there goes the girls running off. some i yeil, Hey come back they just egnored me so i got pist off and went home about on hour after that. Then when i got home i was at my peak so i desided i would smoke a joint. And that set it off every thing was looking all wavey and badass. I dont know its one of those things you cant really explain. Then i layed down and watched a movie. After that i past out. THE END.

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