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Crazy First Trip

Alright this is 2 people posting this so thoughts may jump around a bit.

Alright this is 2 people posting this so thoughts may jump around a bit. Well, me and my friend were already stoned from smoking a few bowls. We were planning on getting more bud, but we changed our minds and decided to get shrooms. My friend D that was with me had done shrooms before. We bought about 8 grams of shrooms. Made some Kool-Aid, and called my friend P (the one posting with me), cause he never tripped before. So he got there and we split up the shrooms 3 ways. We put it in the Kool-Aid and drank it. As always tasted like shit. After we finished our Kool-Aid we loaded a bowl and smoked. Ok we loaded a couple bowls. So we went to my room and just sat down. after about 40 minutes, it started to hit us. It was silent for the full 40 since we went down to my room, then we all just looked at each other and started laughing histarically. The laughing lasted about 20 minutes. (Yes without stopping). They said they were seein things but I wasn't seeing anything yet. Somehow we got upstairs to the living room (maybe we floated?). So we were all sitting in the living room. P said it looked like he was in a humid jungle and he felt like a monkey. Probably because my living room has a lot of green in it and a lot of plants. About that time I started seein things. At first everything got really wavy and would occasionally blur. Somehow I ended up laying on the floor behind the couch, I was staring at the ceiling when all of a sudden This vampire appears and he was smiling. Somehow I pissed him off, because he was frowning and I screamed at him "what the fuck why are gettin pissed at me." Then he flew at me I freaked out and closed my eyes and when I opened them he was gone. Somehow I ended up on the couch again. We were just sittin there and we decided that the best way to describe what we were feeling was, "it flows." We ordered a pizza and tipped the lady with pennies. It took us forever to eat the pizza but when it was gone it felt like we ate it really fast. Everything seemed really fast but it was incredibly slow. Time was crazy I couldnt understand it. Thinking was just a crazy concept I couldn't seem to control it. We started walking over to King Soopers (Kroger) to meet our hook and get some bud. I was so scared cause I thought everyone was looking at us. Anyway we sat there for what felt like an eternity. Then he showed up and we got our bud. I don't know why but D started flippin out and he yelled at our hook "hey how you gettin home" and he just runs off and yells back "it 's a mystery." We lost it. It was the funniest thing all night. We laughed about that for about an hour. So we got home. Smoked and chilled. I saw bugs all over my room and it really scared me. So I closed my eyes and saw some even crazier shit. Things I cant even explain, they were too complex to understand. It seemed like a lot of things were just beyond me. From then on out I don't remember much. But yeah. Me and P's first trip was incredible.

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