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Near death experience on Syrian Rue and a great tip for better experience.

Glory and No go's

I would like to share my latest Ayahuasca session which almost killed me. But first I will let you in on a great tip you just have to try.
I have been doing a lot of lone sessions in my home using Mhrb and Syrain Rue. 
The first times I did this I ingested the tea of Syrian Rue and the Mhrb right after on a empty stomach. I did not eat or drink anything else. This works okay but the nausea is bad and the Mhrb takes forever to kick in (2 hours). I found out that eating right after ingestion really forces the Mhrb into the system and it helps with the nausea. First time I did this I was eating pasta with meatsauce and that did nothing out of the ordinary. 
Second time, I ate right after ingestion. I ate fresh fried Chicken with lots of rice. It kicks in 30min after ingestion and I had the most intense experience with many waves(peaks) and lots of laughter and joy. It seems like there is something in rice and chicken that boosts the Mhrb a lot. I have done this ever since and it's amazing every time.

So eat rice and chicken right after ingestion (or wait 15min) to boost your experience, trust me. It brings a lot of energy to the experience which gives you so much more of what you want.

And now to the No-go's.

I was thinking that I would like a long and strong experience. I know that the more Syrian rue you can take, the stronger the wall will be to letting the Mhrb into your system and the longer it takes to get it out again. I prepared the tea with 6g of Syrian rue. My Mhrb is from Brazil and it's very strong. I found out that 8g of this is too much for me. But 7g hits the right spot combined with rice and chicken. 
But I got so much nausea from the Syrian rue that i really fought it not to throw up. It became so bad and I knew then that 6g was a bad idea. But I decided to SUCK on A LIQUORICE candy (a piece of 3 grams) to take away the bad taste of the Syrain Rue. I had it in my mouth for 10 min and then I swallowed it.
When my stomach registered the liquorice i threw up immediatly and all the goodies whent into the bucket. I thought that I was good from there and I laid my self on the sofa to rest after the horrible throw up. But suddently i felt a pain in my left collarbone. the pain whent on to my arm and I began to loose the feeling of my left arm. I whent straight to the kitchen to eat som GARLIC which i read somewhere to be an effective antidote for tyramine-poisining on MAOI's. I chewed them raw and swallowed. It was hard to keep it down but I managed. Right after I got numb in my legs too. I moved around to get the blood flowing but it kept getting worse. I could not feel my left arm or any of my legs. I began to loose consiousness and then I whent straight to the floor. When I was passed out I suddently experienced the light and feelling of DEATH. That must have been when my heart stopped.  The feeling of the light of death is undescribebly nice. But it also felt very dangerous and it made me wake up. I found my self on my livingroom floor laying on my back. And then I remembered what I had just seen and experienced. My upperbody raised it self (just like Mia in Pulp Fiction when she gets the adrenaline-shot) and my body was trembling from adrenaline. I whent from normal body-temperature to extreme heat in 5 seconds. The sweat was pouring. I knew I was in a survival-state and I tried to get up, but I passed out again and felt to the floor. I woke up again trying to reach for my telephone to call for help, but I passed out on my way and fell into my television smashing a lot of stuff. But when i woke up the third time, my head was clear. The garlic had kicked in and now I could stay consious without passing out. I whent to the kitchen and ate some more garlic. From there i just had to ride the death-experience off. ( I'm still in shock here 3 days after and I want to warn people against being as stupid as I was)
So it is extremely important to not eat anything with tyramine when you do this, especially when you are on a high MAOI-dose. Do not try this at anytime unless you have a deathwish.

Thank you for listening and have som great journeys and stick to non-tyramine foods ;)

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