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false awakening report

what might as well be a non-existential trip

taking a hit of what's supposedly weed through a pipe, I was trying to enjoy Pink Floyd's Pulse only for my brain to decide otherwise, favoring bed. lying there, my heart beat was heavy, occasionally hearing bubbling. to make matters worse, this nagging voice was going off at me, complemented with a Windows 7-esque rendition of Sonic's drowning music that it also made fun of the zanious of. it was so daunting, I curled up in a ball, pleading for it to stop. eventually falling asleep, I woke up the next day at a reasonable time where, hours later, I started drifting a sleep...

false awakening

remembering my sleep schedule, I rushed awake, triggering sleep paralysis. gaining the courage to pull myself out of it, I rippled through what felt like pins and needles, leaving my sleeping corpse, entering a parallel universe. thinking I just got up, I noticed everything felt euphoric, like the first come up ever of shrooms, sending a voice recording to my friend in excitement. replying ":|," I replayed the message only to hear gurgling and bubbling coming from my throat. embarrassed, I excused myself and shut off my phone. trying to sleep it off, I couldn't help but notice the tiles on the ground and the distance of the bed from the door leading outside, believing such curiosity derived from sleeping on the neglected side. with such fixation, I decided to sleep elsewhere. peering downstairs, I noticed cobwebs running everywhere; the walls, corners of the doors, etc. realizing I forgot to bring the blanket, I rushed back upstairs into my room, seeing it amidst fog and cobwebs. grabbing it, I continued downstairs. delving through, thoughts rushed my mind. what happened? why did my dad allow this? where is he? the state of the room worsened before my eyes, becoming foggier, generating more cobwebs, occupying more spiders. the light from outside barely creeped through the draped curtains nor the fog. dodging the webs, I dived for the door. waking up, I looked at the time, sleeping for more or less an hour.

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