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Crazy First Time

My first time eating shrooms was in my basement with my best friend over spring break my junior year of high school.

My first time eating shrooms was in my basement with my best friend over spring break my junior year of high school. We had bought an eighth from a friend and thought we had been gipped by the amount we got. It turns out it really was an eighth so we split it. we ate them in my basement and counted down the half hour before they would kick in. in the anticipation i claimed to see a coke bottle look like it was starting to melt slightly but they had not kicked in...i knew they were taking effect when i felt an incredible rush up my spine and into my head..i still had not recieved any visuals but was feeling very good....we went upstairs to talk on instant messenger and explore a bit...i started seeing patterns from things carrying over to other things...the pattern on a pasta strainer would carry over to the wall and things like that...i was also seeing like a film of patterns in front of me like spirals and such....i still was not tripping that much...it all kicked in when i was in my bathroom looking at the wall which was made of sheetrock mud and sand smeared all over the wall, giving it a very messy and a variety of texture...the wall started waving up and down as if it were an ocean....i could even put my finger on it and it seemed to move with it...the walls in my hallways started breathing and i came upon another similar textured wall in my kitchen...this was a large wall and it seemed to me like a topographical view of a bizarre skeleton war of strange creatures that had just taken place and this was the remnants of it....i looked at papers on my refrigerators from school and almost every letter on the page looked like a lower case "e". i figured i was at the peak but it just kept getting better. the desktop on my computer had a scene of a snowboarder with pine trees in the background whose branches seemed to come out of the screen at me...when on the computer i was convinced i was in a space ship because of the blue screen projecting on the walls and the sound of the fan in the computer. all the words on the computer were kinked in the middle so i stopped typing...this whole time my friend was sitting next to me in a chair and i could see him out of my perephial vision... or so i thought. i turned to say something and there was noone there..he was in the other room...we went into my basement and the wood grains on the walls started forming into faces looking at each other...if i smiled they smiled and if i frowned they frowned..the scores in the wood would also move up or down depending on my expression but eventually would just slide down the walls..the stairs seemed to go on forever to the basement and when we reached the basement i was captivated by my woodstove....it appeared as if there was a massive fire fight going on between two dragons in the glass of the stove...i was so involved in this and i felt the suspense as they fought...i made my way over to my friend who was talking to his girlfriend...he mention a name like fernandez and i was convinced we were in mexico...i moved to the tv and was able to mimic the characters perfectly and thought i was in the shows..in many things i would see writing throught the object but couldnt read it...it had words but the closer you looked the more unclear the words were...eventually the visuals became less intense and it was mostly mental from then on...i kept thinking i was different characters...it eventually wore off and i was kind of bummed because i didnt want to ever leave that world but i knew i could always go back another day....

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