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Craziest shroomz i have ever done

so ive been planning to do shrooms for quite a bit and was gonna eat em with 1 of my buddies.

so ive been planning to do shrooms for quite a bit and was gonna eat em with 1 of my buddies. i got them from my neighbor which is 18 a year older than me and he is native so i thot he must have some good shrooms. I was intended to buy 4 grams so me n my buddy would eat 2 grams each but this guy hooked me up Big time. he gave us about 4 grams each and that is pretty crazy cuz i havent done em in a while n it was my buddies very first time. So we go the the nearest pizza place and put it under the toppings and ate em. could taste a thing. before i would eat em alone n then chase em with chocolate or something but i would usually gag.
so were done eating them n i start feeling them a bit, my buddy went in a car to pick up some bud so i was jus chillen wit my other buddies which were sober. i could take it i jus had to go for a walk. 10 minutes later i was walkin back n i started to feel light and it felt like my body was walking on its own. then my buddy gets back n hes like yoo Im trippin man im like yaaa me too.

5 minutes after we started tripping we were done, and i mean done, my buddie looks at me n hes like yo im done man, n i laughed n jus siad i kno same. we couldnt even walk straight. everything around us was so clear and in the best perspective. it was a Perfect World.

another buddy drove up outta nowhere n he was jus blasting the music n he had two 10 inch speakers in the back, so i go in the front seat n his car wasss so trippy, the lights on his deck, lights on his speedometer everything was so bright. my buddy that ate shrooms wit me came in the back and another buddy that was jus drunk was in the back too. i zoned out for about 2 minutes n was listening to some rap and i turn around n im like were u guys talkin, n the drunk dude goes well i was like 5 minutes ago. n it was so weird cuz i thot the rap was them talking the whole time.

about half n hour later we decide to leave n my drunk friend which is a really funny guy n likes to trip ppl out so he pretends to be a ninja holding a newspaper it was jus a newspaper but i thot there was a force field around em n he was a black ninja my other drunk friend yells get em hes only got a newspaper n i laughed sooo hard.

10 minutes later we went to these apartments because there is a really nice view you can see the whole city of vancouver and it was ngiht so there were a billion lights. as we were walking there i saw a weird tree that was bent n i thot it was a really skinny women so iwas liek whoa fuck this n kept walkin. i was havin the time of my life but my buddy was overwhelmed by the trip, he had lost the sense of reality pretty much. we go to apartments n we watch the view for a bit, but everyone was talking and there was too much ppl and too much stuff goin on, we were friends with all of them but we were trippin to bad, so we went to some place where we just sat down for a bit. n my friend was jus sitting there cuz he was fucked. hes like yo man i dont liek this so i try to calm him down but then outta nowhere he had 4 eyes, 1 ontop of each other n i yelled it out like Whoa u got four eyes n that made it worse. there was a stone wall infront of us so im like yo jus relax n look at the wall, it was swirling and moving and i saw so many crazy things but one thing i remember wsa seeing a stone image of like a cartoon girl and she blew a kiss at me and the lips was comin closer and closer it didnt scare me it was awesome. i was so numb i coudlnt feel anything and taking a piss is soo weird. we sat there for about 20 minutes i wanted to leave but my friend was havin a bad trip so i stayed but i finally said yo we look like crackheads wut are we doing n that made em get up.
my buddy was having the worst trip of his life, literally, he was jus chillen wit 1 of my buddies cuz he was sober nto durnk or anything. but i was trippin crazy too so ididnt kno he was havin a bad trip at the time so i called em n hes like FUCK OFF SERIOUS GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. so i was like wtf n felt like shit but that changed very quickly iwas too busy trippin off everything i saw everything i touched.
it was like i was in a video game and it was like our destiny to be in this spot ant that spot cuz it looks so cool.
1 hour later i was still trippin i couldnt think icouldnt do shit n my buddy was thinking that everyone was otu to get em all paranoid n shit so i gave em props n said dont worry n shit. he almost knocked out one of his good friends and fianlly he couldnt take it no more so he called a cab n went home. i was left wit one friend that was sober n everyone else i could care less cuz i was like hearing voices in my head and every thought good or bad was extended to the extreme even thought i could think straight.outta nowhere it started raining and the rain was going in slow motion and the rain drops looked HUGE i could see every one as it hit the ground. so me n my buddy decide to walk home n as we were walking i got pretty scared cuz i was still soo high and it was late and my parents would fuckin kill me if they found out i was drugged out. but he said if u thnk ur ok then ur ok so i realized that its all good cuz i was in control, avoiding the puddles was so fun for some reason
it was like i was off road racing in rainy weather. im almost home n i try to get everything together n i make it home, they dont kno im tripping ofcourse but i was soo retarded. i take of mmy jacket n i dont kno wut to do with it my fones like dead i couldnt turn it off so i jus stood there for about 10 minutes thinking wut to do, i heard someone coming so i had to do something so i jsut throw my jacket in the laundry and go to bed listening to music, i think i still tripped out for a good 3-4 hours i dont even rememern that part.

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