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First Time on Mushrooms - P Subs 1.98g

Trip report as requested by my trip guide

Hi everyone, I was asked by my trip guide to write my trip report and so here it goes ..

This is the first time I have ever had mushrooms .. In fact to date I have only ever tried some Cannabis, Nicotine, and Alcohol. With all the evidence pointing to mushrooms being beneficial for personal development I started to take a great amount of interest in them. So I started to study all of the great posts shroomery has to offer and after a while I started to contribute to the forum and in doing so I met a very kind member of shroomery who offered to help me out  on my journey. 

The trip:

Unfortunately I was not in a position to take anything during the evening and had to plan everything around doing a day trip. As it was in the morning I had absolutely nothing for over 15 hours.

The dose was 1.98g of P Subs using the lemon tek method. Surprisingly I quite enjoyed the taste of the lemon and mushroom together. I took the mushrooms, set up the lounge with beanbags, grabbed my face mask to block out any light, and organised a Spotify playlist that only plays songs without any lyrics. After 30 minutes I felt my jaw start to tense up and I started to get very very cold and my teeth started to chatter. I jumped up and grabbed a blanket to keep me warm. A short time after I settled back in the visuals started to appear, for me these appeared to be like ocean shapes, swirling tentacles, flashes of bright lights ... 
These visuals then started to link up with memories and thoughts of my family, namely my Dad who is currently not well at the moment, and my most recent acts of stupidity. It was then that feelings for me started to turn into tears and absolute sadness ... Just at the right time the playlist would help snap me back for a second or help me move on to another thought. I felt myself getting deeper into the experience but the cold was becoming worse so I decided to drag myself upstairs and into bed which was terrible. In bed I felt myself sinking into the mattress and my bed would shake and shudder and then I would feel myself sinking deeper into the bed. For me this was becoming too much as I didnt have a trip sitter and being my first time I jumped up out of bed and moved backdown stairs and outside into my backyard. Once in the backyard, back in my bean bag I started to notice all the nature around me which I found this to be very calming on me. Over the next hours I found myself getting stuck on negative thoughts however the playlist would help snap me back and being outdoors brought a positive vibe to the experience. I also spent a bit of time infront of the mirror talking through some of the concepts that I wanted to get out of the experience and found this to be quite freaky but beneficial to my experience. 

The come down was nice and when I felt I could confidently hold a conversation with someone I knew I went out for a walk around the streets and finally organised dinner. By this time I had not eaten at all for 24 hours. I also tried to email my trip guide to thank him for all his support and guidance however this simple task seemed to take me hours to complete.

The Questions I have:
I didnt expect to feel so cold, even with blankets on my teeth would chatter away. Is this normal ?
Around the 4 hour mark I started to drink some water which made me feel nauseous. By this time I had not eaten in well over 16 to 18 hours which could have contributed to this. Thoughts ?
My ears started to pop regularly which was very distracting. The sound was like going up to altitude and you would wiggle your jaw and your ears would pop.  This went on throughout the whole trip. Has other experiences this ?

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