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craayyzzyy shit!! i loved my first trip!!! read this if uv never tripped

Being a devoted weed smoker, i often wondered what shrooms were all about, and finally decided to try them one day (after thoroughly researching this and other websites, thinking i knew what to expect).

Being a devoted weed smoker, i often wondered what shrooms were all about, and finally decided to try them one day (after thoroughly researching this and other websites, thinking i knew what to expect).
we decided the beach by a local pond was a good choice for a tripping spot, and so me and a friend (and 2 friends that didnt trip) sat down by the water and grubbed the booms. i ate about 10 vitamin c pills, since they tasted a lot better than the dried shrooms, and waited for something to happen. after about 20 minutes, i started feeling uncomfortable and nervous, and not really knowing what was goign to happen, i started feeling panicky. we all decided to leave because of the weather, annoying people on the beach, and my anxious mood because of the just-coming-up booms. we then found ourselves in the center of town, with no destination but feeling very anxious to go somewhere, and we sat on the curb waiting for my trustworthy friend to pick us up and take us somewhere chill. i hadnt realized i was tripping at all, until i noticed the pavement sidewalk swirling and spinning, and moving as thought it were liquid. i looked around nad realzied that things were slowly started to "trip out", and then would fade back into normal again. my trip was beginning, and it was VERY intense!
after being picked up, we were taken by my friend (who is experienced in the ways of the shrooms) to a chill spot in the woods. i lost all sense of time and reality at this point, and life felt to be a crazy surreal dream. we wandered to a water surrounded area of land, and i sat out on a rock staring at the water. here i spaced into the best part of my trip. i highly advise anyone to go to the woods during their first trip! the water was constantly moving and creating beautiful patters and colors, and the trees in the distance suddenly formed perfect geometrical patters. i desperately wanted to descirbe the incredible things i was seeing, but somewhere between thinking about them, and communicating them, i lost the thoughts. i remember staring at rocks in the water, and spending a good 15 minutes trying to decipher what exactly they were..fish? plants? they were moving and swaying liek they were alive, and i never did figure out they were rocks until i came back to that spot when i wasnt tripping.
while staring at the beautiful, fractal-filled sky, an airplane flew by. this was one of the craziest things ever, indescribable to see. the airplane looked technical and digital, like a video game plane, and it was sometimes cut up into geometric pieces as it drifted across the sky. soon, our anxious shroom-minds forced us to get up and want to walk around more, so my friend guided us through the woods back towards the car. on the way back, we passed a bog full of fallen trees, where i decided i must sit, becuase it looked indescribingly beautiful. i looked at an ant crawlin g on the dirt, and suddenly the entire ground turned into millions of moving ants, swarming around. the grass was swaying in an eerie dance, and every plant seemed to have an incredible life and personality of its own. i had no awareness of the others around me, i was deeply involved with my experience and the nature around me, and i regret that we left the woods soon after this.
somehow, we ended up back in town, at a supermarket. standing outside, at around 8:00, teh sky began changing colors. it was similar to the sudden darkness a room gets when clouds cover the sun, except there was no sun at this time. everythign would turn light, like it was aftrernoon, and in a whoosh, it would be pitch black, and so on. the neon lights of the supermarket were shining into eternity and spinning and changing all aroudn me, they were almost too beautiful and intense to look at. we went inside the market, and everythign seemed new and foreign, even tho id been in there many times before. i went to buy a soda, even tho i wasnt really thirsty, and while paying i panicked and could hardly handle coutning out my change. realizing that every cashier was asian, i suddenly believed that i was in another coutnry, and experienced a moment of panick thinking i was somewhere else. my thoughts began to take over at this point, rather than visuals, and my trip was changing.
for the rest of the night, we went to a mutual friends house where there was a group of kids, none of which were tripping. we watched tv there, cops, of which i couldnt understand at all and didnt want to. it seemed stupid that we were watchign a box with other people in it, and i wanted to go outside and look at the world some more. i felt very out of place with nontrippers, and i suggest to anyone to not go soemwhere like this during their first trip. at this point, my thoughts were extremely jumbled and confused, and i couldnt keep a steady train of thought at all, whcih was slightly frightening but still ok. i did manage to hve some intensely deep thoughts, but they would drift through my mind too fast to ponder them. later, after coming down (that nite and the next morning) i was able to collect my deep thoughts and i felt elightened, as cliche as it sounds. since my first trip, i feel entirely different about the world, and society, and people in it. i love my newfound knowledge that mushrooms gave me, and in all, it was an extremely enlightening and bizarre experience. I LOVED IT!

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