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3.5g Golden Teacher Excursion

Physicalness lead to some crazy visuals

My buddy and I were invited up to CLE for the Browns game and some drinks. We had planned to each take an 8th, a week before so we could get mentally prepared. We ingested on the drive up with some receese stix. I usually do a PB and bread sandwich, but chocolate made it wonderfully delicious! We had a 45 minute drive, and about 5 minutes before we arrived and parked, the happies and giggles started kicking in. The bar was great, game was fun even though I am not too much into the football these days. 

Our group ended up leaving about midway through the 3rd quarter, heading down for the beach park to throw a little foosball around ourselves.  It was very mild for the most part as we ran routes and tossed it to each other, but then we ended up in a 2vs2 with a QB. Now mind you, my 2 friends are still physically fit. They are close to being in the best shape they've been in the past 8 years. Me on the other hand, I am athletic, but with back surgeries and such I am a little out of shape. We start getting a bit intense and I start sucking wind. This is when the trip kocks in super hard. After I defended a long route, I set my hands on my knees to try to catch my breathe. I close my eyes and when I open them, the most beautiful visions arose. The small sand was a small scale of mountains going up and down as the color switched off and on between white, blue and red. Like small circular disco lights dancing all over the sandy floor. I stood up and looked over to the water, and from what seemed like behind my eyes a blast of white color took over my whole vision except for what seemed like the outline of some sort of figure. I could not make out if it was animal shaped, human/spirit shaped, or a mixture of both. A train had just started passing by and the sound pierced my entire hearing, all I heard was a high pitch blast off of what I assumed might have been a portal to another dimension. I tried to start walking, but felt like I was in a tunnel of never ending whiteness. And what seemed to be about 3-4hours was merely only 5 minutes.

I proceeded to walk over to where our bookbags were laid, laid down, chugged some water, laid down and stretched for a good half hour as the white started to disappear. The colored wavy sand started to return, then soon back to normal vision again.

Everything I had read, not many people get the visions on the golden teacher. I think adding the physical activity along with the mind altering train sound really boosted me into another realm for a good hour. It was beautiful, it was revealing, it was worthy of no words!

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