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cowfield delight

I was bout 16 living down in flordia and decided to go mushroom hunting.

I was bout 16 living down in flordia and decided to go mushroom hunting. I had done lsd on sevral ocasions and loved the experince that i had. Well anyway i talked with this girl and she described what i needed to be looking for.So for bout a week straight i'd get my ass up and walk them feilds to no avail.I was bout to give up when i looked down and saw three mushrooms in front of me that looked like something that you would see in high times or something.So needless to say i snatched em and was on my way.It was later in that afternoon that i decided to go ahead and it em. They were slightly bigger than a golf balland i chomped into one.Had to hold my nose for the rest man it was awful tasting but i managed to get em down.About 30 minutes later i could feell myself coming on it was like i got real dizzy and felt like i was going to fall out scary at first thought mabey wrong mushroom.So i started walking around out side and my legs went to rubber and i got this big grin it was coming on good now.I found somewhere to sit under a tin roof and the sand on the ground started flowing like the oceaen.It was like i could see numbers and letters in these paterns as they were swirling in and out.A lite rain came by and the tin roof sounded as if it was plying music the brezze that blew against me as if it were rining with chimes.As i got up and walked out to where i could see the sky my jaw just hit the ground by the indescrible beauty of the clouds rushing in at me and going back out.I noticed a flock of birds flying past and each one was a diffrent color like that of the rainbow. The trees were swirling around with the letters and numbers and full of colur.All in all i only tripped for bout 5 hours but it was all good.It just seemed to fade away and i fell rite to sleep with no hang over the next day, just feelinf refreshed.Be kind to each other and the planet peace=)

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